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6/9/2006 11:02 am

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Fuck the title

Wow, i aint blog all this week, and i only being on this site once this week, thats cause i now have a full time job and aint got the bloody time. yay

Guess i will have to cancel my paying membership and jump on the freebie wagon just to blog.
so now between my JOB, G/F and Goomah, what time do i have for my self. right now that what time, friday afternoon after work, none of the 2 females present and am home alone (thank God). Pimping certainly aint easy...

There is so much to say and i hate writing long ass posts but this will probably be the only one for the next few days so read on if you want to know what has been happening in my new and exciting life.

Monday - started work, was all good, excited and loved sitting in office with office people, felt normal and very good.
The woman opposite me(open plan office) looked like an older version of an ex of mine, could be her mother, so am gonna try to tap that white ass of hers at some point, we aint spoken much but she looks good and got a cute little but. Have to admit i sat in front of her and even thought of bending her over the desk and taking her right there (got my self a boner on the first day. nice)
My bloody chaperon is ok, repeats everything twice and is giving me his work load, but today was my last day with him(thank God) as next week am mobile except for a couple of days) but he is cool, i haven't let on that am a bit of a perv yet, which is good as i dont know if i can trust him, was tempted to show him some holiday pic but decided not to as i dont want a bad rep just yet.

Tuesday - the excitement was now gone, dying to leave the office and go into the sun and see all the ladies flaunting their nipples, tired of looking at my new laptop and doing spreadsheet all day, but got my ex lookalike to help my mind drift a little when needed.

Wednesday - out on site's (yay) with an old boy, dude was retired and just came in to show me the rope. I will be visiting a certain british departmental store all across south east of england and wales making sure the contractors look after the place. learned a lot off the dude, cool guy, we didnt speak much but he sounds like he knew his stuff which is all that matter. best thing about being on sites is that u can bloody finish when u like so we were done by 3 and get paid till 5.30. wwwoooohhhhoooohh

Thursday - on another site with a different old boy, chatty dude, knew his stuff too and talked to me about race relations between black and white people (he is white), we got on fine and even finished earlier. started at 10.30 and finished at 3, we supposed to do 9-5.30- (now thats the life)

Friday - back in office, back on spreadsheets, but next weeks fuck all that am on them sites like white on rice.

I was in country side during the 2 days i was on sites, so many tits, they were everywhere, i even got caught by one woman who asked what i was looking at, i was shocked but thought bitch if you flaunt it then expect it to be looked at, simple.

Was at goamahs twice, told GF i was still at work.lol
Goomah had another dude over lastnite and i wasnt too happy and told her to forget the whole thing and she freak out on me like why, that the dude was just a friend so thats cool, but i have decided that the only woman i will shag even if she had a dude in her like 2 seconds before is misskitty, she got the bodongadong ass.

AS am traveling round the country my bike is useless so am in search of a new car now as GF has the other one now so if anyone knows what car to get the let me know, i have a chevy in mind, i like american style cars so thinking of visiting so dealers tomorrow as i need a car by next week friday.

Now am sure a lot of people on here are on about the workload cup but for the first time i really do wish england would win, it would be great and good luck to them

Dear Friend, My name is Mr Anderson Neon I am an artist with my Wife Maureen Shawn ,We own SUS ART WORLD in London,Zealand(United Kingdom)I live in London United Kingdom, with my two kids, four cats, one dog and the love of my life my Wife Mrs Maureen Shawn. It is definitely a full house.

What the hell has it got to do with me? any one else get it.

MissKittyNip26 107F

6/10/2006 10:43 am

LOL.. bein' perverted on your FIRST day!?!?! Yeh.. I'm glad you held off on showin' pics.. not sure if that would have went over well. Anyway, thanks for the catch-up! But.. what EXACTLY do you do when you're out on a site?!? I'm tryin' to get a visual of what the hell your job is...lol. And I'm flattered that I'd be the only one you'd fuck after someone else...lol.

ldftb1 replies on 6/10/2006 6:38 pm:
at the moment, the stores are remodeling and i am doing the survey so that they know what they have and will change. Pretty straight forward ecept when the store has like 3 bloody floors, then am on site all bloody day.

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