Double Sportage  

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6/10/2006 8:07 pm

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6/16/2006 9:19 am

Double Sportage

I must confess, today while ENgland was out there running around playing football, i was getting my DICK sucked and fucked by goomah.
I tried to concentrate but she just wouldn't leave the dick alone so i had to deal with that,can always catch the highlights anyways, but caught the end which was ok 1 nil is not the most interesting match is it now.

I went out and tried to get me a car today, went for the KIA sportage crdi, really nice SUV, looks a bit like a grand cherokee, plus the reviews on it are not bad.
I got a 1 year old one so not a lot of mileage on it, it is £16,500 (thats like $25000), i know i must be out of my mind, but i think when you drive for long journeys like i will be doing, then you need comfort as well as speed and looks too.
It is the top spec model of the diesel engine type (i prefer diesel as its cheaper than petrol and it is a automatic, am sick of changing gears), with all the added extra so am just waiting to see if the finance company approves it before i put down like £5000 deposit and then pay the rest off over 5 year but will probably change it after 2 years, plus i get some extras making it worth the dough, cant wait to get it, hope i get approved or else am back to square one again.
Plus i got to get the ally's soon as i can afford it, it has 16" now and i need 20" at least to roll right, gonna black out the windows too, keep player haters from seeing me.

Finally, my fucking bike is damaged again, maybe its just not meant to be, so am selling it for sure, already put it on ebay. Some stupid kids from my estate pushed it over and fucked up the faring and front brake bar is broken, i ain't even gonna bother to repair it. FUCK IT

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