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7/6/2006 11:36 am

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Am Back

There is too much stories to tell,
it was fucking crazy.

First i will say that i came second on the points system, which earned me 50 Euros, wooohhooo
The winner got 120 Euros, becuase it was for money, it meant everyone put some effort into it.
One of the boys even manage to get a pair of knickers WITHOUT shagging the girl!!!

There way chix galore, it was sick, i never seen so many pretty White girls in my life, my cock was roasting for some white pussy throughout the week, but like most of my many other holiday, i always manage to find the one special somebody that will be my ultimate shag/Holiday Wifey.

This time it came in the shape and form of a 19 year old GINGER girl, yes, fucking ginger, i couldn't believe it. I didn't know God Made Ginger women to be as beautiful as her, i had never seen a ginger chick that hot in my life, she was perfect, no sorry, FUCKING perfect. She wasn't even the normal chubby type chick i would go for, she was like a size 8 at the most.

Neurally, there is always an obstacle in the way of true LUST, her fucking Boyfriend, but the good news was that he wasn't on the island.

I met her on the third night or so i think, me and my cousins was at MacDonald's, just chilling when she walked past, i called her and told her to sit down AND she DID, just like that, no questions asked, she just looked so comfortable and she wasn't drunk. The only problem for me was that when i was with another girl, if Ginger beauty came, i left whoever it was for her, on the last night, i pulled twice but turned them both down when ginger turned up. I hope to see her again (we exchanged numbers), she only live 2 hours away.

The reason i sound shocked that she sat down was because most of the other white chix were scared of black people or some shit like that, it was kinda weird, they wouldn't even talk to you, one chick actually said she was sick of black guys coming to her, i was like then stop packing so much heat on you arse BIATCH!!!

I got drunk every night but this Holiday i didn't pass out, i controlled my shit and manage to stay up till the early hours every night.

The highlight of the Holiday was for me the foam party that we went to, it was nuts, me and on of the lads went around blessing women with foam, i think we touch every girl in the club that night, some too it in good spirit others were pissed off, what are you doing in a foam party if you dont want to get wet??

We fingered and felt up so many chix in that club that no wonder some of them saw red, detergent burning your pussy ain't no joke i guess.

I am going to slowly upload some of the pictures as i blog along, there is so many of them.

We even managed to catch a couple shagging (see picture)behind a subway restaurant, it was a dark alleyway, the girl was pissed as fucked and totally naked but the guy still had his shit on, with his cock out, the snaps were hilarious, i saw him the next day and he laughed about it, he was a worker there (workers get laid so much the lucky bastards).

Us lads playing the points game was nut though, some of the things you get points for were nuts and i didn't think i could do them but boy was i wrong, some of these chix (the ones comfortable with black people) were up for so much shit.

I will release the list in another blog.

If anyone wants a link to the pictures then drop me your email, they are crazy with loads of fine chix on it.

We also met a girl that was so beautifully we all agreed that she was a 10/10 girl, bearing in mind that boys never agree when scoring chix, but this black girl was fucking so hot that trying to chat her up would be like an insult on her.

Too much to say, i will have to blog them as time goes by, but on a last note, i got back on Wednesday morning, i had to go to work immediately cause i fucked up my holiday schedule, i was so fucking tired. I also got an ear infecting, fingering your ears after fingering pussy is not a good

MissKittyNip26 107F

7/8/2006 2:09 pm

I wanna see the pics!!!!!!! And.. you got my address already!! And.. what the hell is a "ginger" girl?!?!? LMAO at the pic you posted!!! Sounds like too much fun!!!

ldftb1 replies on 7/8/2006 7:51 pm:
"ginger girl" is a girl with ginger hair, often refered to as a ginger minger, but in the case of this girl she was anything from a minger, she was beautiful

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