But I'm really big in Europe  

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1/19/2006 5:10 pm

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3/30/2006 7:51 am

But I'm really big in Europe

So while I continue to "not" get any hits locally. I seem to be wanted overseas! No less than two different, what I think to be women, and of legal age (I hope), have tapped into the lazyboy experience. (one from Russia, and another from France!)

I wonder how many men out there have been picked up by these new breed of fishers? Having read their email, I immediately think these ladies are looking for love! Ha, they're looking for a green card! But then I think, "so this is what they mean by mail order brides?" Visions of a young eager lady, that's totally dependent on you for everything, at least to begin with....come to mind. But then I also see, after they get their card they leave their unsuspecting mark for a BBD (bigger better deal)! Unless, they hook up with a BBD to begin with. Or did I see this on Dateline?

Either way, I guess these women, sleep with their hosts in the short-term? And to these pathetic and desperate guys, I guess getting some, for no matter how short a time, makes it all worth it?

But here's the other side of this. I've been to Europe, and these chicks are usually, really, really hot. We're talking most European women make American woman look, like well, American women. They have a different kind of beauty, really lean usually tall (which sucks for me) and very open about their sexuality. Not this American Protestant/Puritan conservative guilt.

The only problem? Who really knows what your getting. Love is Love all over the world, well maybe just the sex!

I guess I better dust off my passport and start planning some trips overseas!


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