this ones for all you ladies out ther.......  

laydbacklover 38M
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4/22/2006 4:32 pm
this ones for all you ladies out ther.......

hello wher are you ladies ????great guy here going to waste does anyone like fast bikes does anyone like nice guys what was i thinking no really im a real dick and treat girls like shit do you want to pay for all my shit and then do my dishes and suck my dick ,no fuckit cant do it fuck off come on girls why do you go for guys like this by the way im making a point i obviously cant be like that i was tuaght to respect women and treat them like princesses , i know you really dont want that either but seems we have to start like that just to get youre attention dont care still not going to do that. seems confidence compensates a for somthing a little too much please girls see through the sleeze find the sexy trust me you will be so much better of this whole alpha male thing is gatting old, i dont need to be a dickhead in order to fulfill your needs ,thats all be nice give those nervouse shy guys ago hey why not instead of trying to make all those little subtle gestures that most of us guys a too blinded by you too see try talikng to us be straight up and honest you will be respected for making the effort ,come on women its 2006 you have all the power stop toying with us mere males help us out help youreself you can get some at the drop of a hat all you have to do is say I LIKE YOU OR YOURE COMING HOME WITH ME hes only going to say no if he is attached has his eye on someone or is gay shit if all else fails get him drunk take him by the hand drag him home and fuck his brains out if hese too drunk feed him if hes too soft wait till morning and play with his dick once you start that dick up it has to go somewhere women of the world you have all the power we all know it do something stop waiting for us to make all the moves some of us just dont get it until you slap us in the face with it this is youre reallity breakfast check.peace out make the move.

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