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2/19/2006 5:16 pm

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had to do it

i just finished this book and thought i would share this quote with anyone out ther who cares.
its about a lady who works as a spirit medium asking her spirit guide a question about life.

question; how can we deal with our own hurt feelings whilst striving to understand another who has wronged us?.

answer; in your world there are many who refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions..and,first, you must be prepared to accept that responsibility.
blame, fault..these are words that you will use.
a finger pointed at another in accusation.
a finger, often harshly pointed at your own self in accusation.
whre is the gentleness ?
where is the softness that the soul demands?
where is the love...true loving that comes from deep within ?
a love of life...the love of youre own soul?
where is the stillness within you?
do you believe that it is truly gone?
do you question that it was ever there?
oh be still my children..oh,be still...be quiet..and listen.
youre own soul, and the heartbeat of your soul, whisper to you... be still, and do not fear this gentleness...for without it you will always blame... you will always jugde.
discover this gentleness, which is your own true heart.
look to yourself, in any given circumstance,before you should look to another.
accept the responsibility of your soul and your own spiritual growth, for you, and no other..have the power to be still.

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2/21/2006 7:34 pm



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