Are you straight or gay?  

latinocockboy79 38M
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7/13/2006 2:35 pm
Are you straight or gay?

Why are we so obsessed with lables in our culture. I say, what does it matter? I consider myself gay. If asked, that is what I would say. However, that is in no way the all consuming definition of who I am. This leads me to sex. Why are so many so worried about how sex is structured? Sure I am not attracted to women like I am to men. Still, I am adventrous enough to try anything! I would like to think that there are people out there who are just into fun. If you like sex for sex then does it matter who is giving you pleasure. Again let me say that I understand that for some, same sex intercourse is not their cup of tea. That does not mean that anyone should be offended by it. As long as sex involves two consenting adults, then what does the sex of those adults matter? Any "bi" folk out there have an opinion? Ok, you "straight" and "gay" people can speak up as well, I guess!

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