An Erotic Writer's Notes  

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An Erotic Writer's Notes

Okay, yes, I'm going to eventually get around to writing comething that hopefully is both creative and enjoyable. I will admit I don't read romance novels after having laughed through three of them; one of my friends explained to me that yes indeed there is a reason why they're so absurdly formulaic, it's because they're pretty much junk food for the mind, read once and toss. As for erotica, I haven't read much of that stuff either. I got through the first five chapters Anne Rice's (writing as A.N. Roculare) "Claiming of Beauty" before I had to put it down; I was laughing too hard and not really enjoying it much. To sum up, Sleeping Beauty the adult version and with more kinks and bondage than really reasonable (shake and bake).

That all being said, I will admit that it is just this side of impossible for me to write anything "normal." Dick and Jane going out to dinner and then going home to have sex amoung countless flowerpetals with a hottub and all that just has no interest for me. I mean I'm the kind of person who does strange things with my characters, putting them in odd situations, or just having them in a place where we can just kind of relate to.

Case in point: I did a little bit for a creative writing class where we were to make the unbelievable believable, and being as that the professor was a died-in-the-wool academic English teacher who published short stories that were a rather dry read. So, to sum up, I had a woman who had recently had her teeth go straight and very, very white on her roughly over night, and along with that a couple went slightly pointing. Add to that she started to be able to talk to and understand her cat, full fledged conversations, and it turns out the cat was something of a carmudgeon. She's trying to figure out what has happend to her and what she can do, meanwhile the cat is lamenting about the fact that she had given a blowjob to a man that never went out in the daylight and looked rather pale; he also seemed damn suprised after he had cum and didn't so much as leave for the night as pull up his pants and bolt for the door in terror. Beyond that I didn't work with the story segment, though the idea was to entertain what would happen to a woman who had swallowed the semen of a vampire without knowing he was as such.

There's one story I've been kind of wanting to play with, though I haven't had the heart to for want of someone else to bounce ideas off of. After seeing still shots from a short movie called "Basalisk Stare" in which a photographer is trying to catch a woman in the act of an ellicit affair and then somehow witnesses himself in the woman's room killing her and the man she's with by smothering them as they sleep. What I wanted to do was to take the idea of the voyuer and turn it around a bit, giving a twist to witnessing sex or violence or whatnot. In short, a man with some very good camera lenses takes to watching a woman in an apartment across the way not because she's sexy, but because she seems to lead a very normal and calm life compared to his. Everyday she has a routine which he watches like reality television, using it as his kind of entertainment in his painfully hectic and insane life. He sees she owns a cat, lives alone, and doesn't have a car, but gets around by bus, bike, or on foot. She's a regular at the corner resteraunt, and he only occasionally sees visitors over. Of course one day a gentleman comes calling with flowers for her, a dress, jewelery, shoes, all the things needed for going out on the town in style, but this isn't a man he's seen before, and he seems to almost boss around the woman as if he owns her. Unfortunately he's not awake when she returns that night, or maybe he is, but what shows up in her posession is an old book she takes time in repairing, and which he sees someone break into her apartment when she's not home in an attempt to steal.

Wow, I do blather on, and it doesn't look to have a bit of sex in it just yet either. See, this is one of my foibles, I'm big on story, on plot, on creating a mental playground to romp around on and see where it goes.

For now it's stalled, though, which is why I'm so gung-ho about trying to find someone to co-write with. I mean really write, not this I-do-this-to-you sort of thing.

I mean I've even been entertaining doing a bit of historical fiction-erotica-thing-type stuff. For example, a gentleman arrives at a lady's villa in the countryside. She is a widow, but still relatively young and in good health, and by young I'm thinking she's in her thirties. She is well-to-do, but has retired from Rome to get away from the skulduggery and the crime. So, she is content to live simply with a vinyard she oversees and a few slaves and hired help. She is an investor in trade, which is why she is still well-to-do, and she does not flout her money in great parties or in building ostentatious homes. The gentleman who arrives at her door is an old friend of hers, and with him is a young man just into his twenties and barely at that. It seems the young man is of noble blood and rich parentage, but for some reason I cannot surmise, the gentleman wishes for the young man to be educated properly in the ways of making love with a woman, and not with some whore who will give him some desease and steal all of his money. Beyond that, I've don't nothing with the story, it's just a concept, although somehow it could possibly become a short story since I see nothing happening beyond the woman "training" the young man.

Although dressed as a respectable young Roman man accompanying a gentleman some twenty years his elder, it was clear from the moment Secunda saw his brilliant sapphire blue eyes, that he had neither been born in nor near Rome. Youth held him tight with the wide eyes of innocence not yet stolen away in the city, and soft skin not yet weathered by the merciless sun and head of summer.

"Domina, you have guests," Prunella bowed, aged well into her years, but not bent by them, nor by the slavery that had held her in servitude since before Secunda was born; she knew well after her father died she would never sell off her nursemaid and caretaker, but instead let her live in the comfort of a house that could and would take care of her in turn.

"So I see," Secund smiled gracefully, not rising from the writing lessons she was giving one of the young servant girls, a staff-member's child. "Magistrate Macareus, you are welcome in my house, but I am curious. The last time I saw you you were on the way to somewhere in Germania I believe to look in on some garrison, what brings you back to this wolf's fold, or did you miss Rome's teats?"

Since Octavian had claimed the title of Emperor, and changed his name to Augustus, Secunda had never set foot back in Rome knowing full well that somehow, some way the imperial family would try to suck her up into some deal of politics and prestige. Since her husband had died she had been content to live in a country villa watching over a vinyard and seeing to it that her husband's trade-company continued. She had money enough to make ends meet, peace enough to settle herself down in the quiet afternoon to a good luncheon, and the sense enough to have hired a few good guards who also could help around the house and in the fields. She also had sense enough to be a good neighbor, keeping her plot small, having sold off a majority of the land to her neighboring farmers when her husband had passed away. The vinyard she had provided enough grapes just for the house, and that was all she ever needed.

"I was considering it," said Macareus as he took a proffered mug of cool wine, passing the other on to his compatriot. "Truth be told, though I was planning on meeting some friends in Rome and then pushing through, other work to do, other places to be."

Secunda chuckled at this, knowing full well that he ment. Macareus could never sit still, never remain in one place, even in his younger years when he worked for her husband moving goods throughout the newly dubbed empire, a thing difficult to do during a civil war. "Then why stop in at my humble abode? Perhaps to have a meal with an old friend, or did you need money?"

Macareus waved a hand. "Actually, I was going to ask if you might watch over this lad here while I'm in Rome, perhaps teach him some of what you taught me. I am certain Telamon will be as good a student as ever I was, he's rather good at rhetoric already."

Those watchful blue eyes. Secunda knew what they saw when they looked at her, a woman still rounded even in her years, too young to be a widow, too old to be a wife. Her coppery-red hair was a sure sign of her non-Roman birth, her mother having been Scythian from the Black Sea where her father had once bought her in trade.

"Telamon?" she chuckled. "He does not look either Greek or Spartan to me."

"No, he's from Brittania, his father's in the legion there, mother's a local, though no harm in that. I thought I'd bring him down here to show him the civilized world."

"So you're not taking him to Rome?"

"Civilized, but I would like to keep him whole, as well as have you teach him what only a woman can."

"You mean none have before?" Secunda raised an eyebrow. She knew what he ment. Telamon was a virgin, something no man of Rome was since the day he left childhood behind and took up the robes of manhood. Long ago, when her husband had left her bed choosing instead to travel, or to take up with his mistress. Macareus had been as young as she had, and as willing to couple, though she had to admit, she did not take him for having been untouched when she had bedded him.

Illustration: "In the Tepidarium" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1881

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2/1/2006 11:39 pm

That is avery good story so far a great concept. I would very much like to see you finish it.

I am not entirely certain what exactly you mean by co-writing, but it seems an awful lot like a form of creative writing I have in just past several months gotten involved that we reffer to as Role Playing in a completely non erotic way. Several people create characters then each person writes a piece of the story as their own character pertains to and interacts with other characters. If that is something like what you are looking for, but in the erotic fashion, I would love to work with you on a project of that sort.

I have to admit most of my is in the fantasy genre (ie swords & sorcery, elves, fairies, and dwarves etc)I am currently involved in several RPs (Role Plays) a couple of which have some budding romance. Will have to admit a serious lack of knowledge of history, and would be a fraid of doing anything historical, to keep it believable enough.

If you would like my assistance, drop me a line so that we may begin.

Maiden's elf

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Nice background and nice writing Lady

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