School trip tomorrow.......  

ladycyn1000 45F
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5/11/2006 5:54 pm
School trip tomorrow.......

I am going with my sister and nephew on a school field trip to the Titanic in branson tomorrow. I hear they have lots of artifacts to see and hope to have a good time. My mother was supposed to go but canceled because of her "boyfriend"....let us not go into that......and then after I changed my work days just to go she informs my sister that she can go because the man canceled on her. She has been giving me a real hard time over it all this week but I have a feeling I am just getting the brunt of what she should be giving him. You know it is real hard to raise your folks after they get so old!!!! Okay that was not nice but true none the less. My mother is going thru her twenties now and we feel like the adults...hehehe. Well I better go get some emails written and see if I can plan some fun here in a few weeks. Wish me luck and Wet Dreams to all,Cyn

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