Making myself confused?  

ladycyn1000 45F
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6/11/2006 11:11 pm
Making myself confused?

Oh I am just sitting here thinking over the last few weeks and wondering why I did not live my life like this before. Someone new and (shh do not tell him) very dear to me already dang it told me the other night that I was just ready for this now and that is why I have started living out all my fantasies and having the time of my life. Oh but then I think hey what happens when I have done everything that I want and there is nothing else to do? And believe me I have to wonder about some of the people I have meet too. I was so totally not interested in getting together with any single men. And then I went and hooked up with one that has me all confused about what I should do now. I like sex and that includes women , couples and yes even men......though I really prefer the female sex. There is nothing like making sure a woman is satisfied and knowing that you are the one that made it happen. Okay now I am getting off track.....anyway I found that I really liked having sex with this guy and would like to again but (and you know there is always a but) he is not so into hooking up with me again. Besides he is already working on strike number two.....again a long story.....anyway so now I am confused and do not know if avoiding him will help or should I just face this head on and find another man (good or bad) to get him out of my system for good. I think the later option will work the best.....that way he is not uncomfortable around me and think to himself what the ****?(But I have to admit playing the psycho might be fun.....hey just kidding) And well I just am making myself crazy...what to do or should I say Who is next? Or have I finally reached that all critical point in my life that I need to give up on men entirely and just settle down with a nice girl? Hey I have had better luck with couples than I have had with finding that great woman for me. So on the experience scale I have gone up, maybe not better per say, but definitely experienced more and not the novice now. So now that I have just rambled on and on and gotten nothing really worked out I will take my poor confused mind off to bed. Hope you make all your fantasies come true and maybe some of mine too...Cyn

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