One Long Night in the Gazebo...  

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4/9/2006 2:42 pm

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One Long Night in the Gazebo...

Today we fought,i'm sorry to say,
as door slammed behind him
he left not saying a word,
pain & anger in his eyes
brought tears to mine,
i sat in thought
what might happen next,
looked out the window
the sun shone bright,
got up & walked to the back door
pushed open walked outside,
to the gazebo we had just put up,
sat down on the cushioned swing
must have fell asleep
for thoughts of him came to mind,
my body ached for his touch
i felt a warm moisture between my thighs
thoughts of the way he kissed
the way his hands trailed down
my soft silky skin & branded me that night
i ache, i want, i need him so
I felt his lips come down on mine
claiming, possessing my every need
deepening so,with tongues entwined
my eyes opened to see him there
desire, want, need & hurt
consumed us as we kissed
tears welled in my eyes
felt his sorry as well,
our bodies entwined
not a care who's there to see,
wanted, needed him right there
we shead our clothes & lay together
his body molded on top of mine
his mouth claimed mine with urgency
my legs parted to let him in
thrusting into my aching depths
letting out a breathe intake
our bodies grind as one
taking us higher, a lustful need
i grind my hips to his with aching need
to fullfill our desires deep within
the swing moves on every thrust
slight breeze on our skin
two people walking by with their dogs
makes us excited yet with fear
thrusting in & out as i cum
i feel his hot juices explode deep within
my throbbing aching loins
our bodies collide & quiver
bringing us to breathe-taking,orgasmic heights
his body collapses on mine
we lay on the swing in the breeze
bodies still amold,
watching the people walk by

my i'm glad we put up that Gazebo

"One Long Night in The Gazebo"
By "Tiger" TT

'dedicated to the ones who wanted a fantasy on the back porch/gazebo'

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