Morning after Loving...  

lady_ttiger4ny 47F
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5/19/2006 11:43 pm

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7/18/2006 10:32 pm

Morning after Loving...

morning after...

I half-awaken to a heat growing close behind me
i wiggle my ass closer to you
all this wiggling has made you aroused
i feel your hard cock push at me
yes i feel you growing harder
from the touch of my smooth silky ass
i push up to get you between my legs
rubbing your rock-hard cock on my pussy lips
moving my body up higher so the head of your cock
pushes through my pussy lips
i hear you moaning...mmm
my pussy getting wet with juice
god you feel so fucking good
i rotate my hips in circular motion
this drives you crazy enough you thrust
harder into my lovehole, a moan escapes my lips
oh god...i thrust my ass back onto your cock fucking good....
you begin rotating your hips faster...
my legs tighten, rotating my ass backwards
grinding my pussy onto your cock
i hear you gasp out i feel so fucking good
i arch my back & push you in & out of me
you begin to grind your hips into mine
driving you cock deeper...o god' i'm gonna cum...
my pussy tightens around you swollen cock...
grinding harder & faster, slamming your balls
into my pussy like that drives me over the edge
your hands come around to play with my nipples
you reach down to finger my clit
oh fuck...i'm cumming hips shaking..
violently into yours,your body shakes...
you pull out stroking your cock as your juices
explode on my shake yourself dry
then plunge into my depths once more...

...thrusting & rotating your cock around
inside me, i can't take no more...moving so your outer leg is between mines....i grind my hips into yours taking you deeper...
our hips grinding into each others in union
i tighten my pc muscles around your still swollen cock, oh fuck that
my pussy tighten, my body shakes...
my pussy spurts juice as you keep thrusting
your rock-hard cock...i hear you say oh yeah cum for me shake your hips that sexy way of yours...i can't stop quaking as you take me
higher into orgasmic exctasy...


5/20/2006 12:29 am

That's how fucking should be done. I love it.

FrogsDefogMenta 64M  
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5/21/2006 1:35 am

I don't know about toto...but I'm not in Kansas anymore and with that story I wish I was in Turner Falls.

lady_ttiger4ny 47F
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5/21/2006 1:38 am

Thanks for your compliment, i aim to please...


lady_ttiger4ny 47F
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5/21/2006 1:40 am

    Quoting rm_valleyrat4:
    Another great story. I've got you bookmarked this time. I'll keep checking in.
Thanks valleyrat...please do...

pleasure is all mine to share

lady_ttiger4ny 47F
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6/30/2006 1:21 am

    Quoting FrogsDefogMenta:
    I don't know about toto...but I'm not in Kansas anymore and with that story I wish I was in Turner Falls.

If your not in Kansas anymore, and not in Turners...

OOhh boy, i wonder...where are you? hmmm?

Tiger smiles her sheepish grin
awaiting ur response

FrogsDefogMenta 64M  
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7/10/2006 10:12 pm

hey, Tiger... I'm still clicking my topsiders here on the Rock otherwise known as Cape Cod, just doesn't have the same effect as those ruby slippers I guess. Still trying to get to the Falls.....

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