Man of mystery, Man of strength...  

lady_ttiger4ny 46F
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12/6/2005 12:40 am

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6/26/2011 1:49 pm

Man of mystery, Man of strength...

Man of Mystery
Man of Strength
Can you come out & play?

Those words you spoke not long ago,
Stay on my mind,
& consume my thoughts,
I Wish you were here right now,
I want you, need you, desire you so,
With such an urgency as you well know,

I long to feel your body next to mine,
to feel your hands on my soft silky skin,
stroke away at every curve of my body,
Touch me please Baby the way you said,
I long for your lips to kiss,lick & suck away,

Your teasing drives me crazy,
I love it...and want you even more,
The day or night will come,
when we shall finally meet,

Then the talk will turn to moan,
the "No Touching" rule will end,
a challenge so very hard,
Which i'm sure by now you are,

Down comes Mouth on mouth with tongue,
eagerly stripping off all our clothes,
I feel you harden between my thighs,
"Take me now baby,I want you please!"

Slide your rock-hard cock deep inside
as you grab my ass,
mouth on mouth still with tongue,
legs slide up & around your hips,

Push me up against the wall,
Thrusting deeper, harder so,
i want you man of mystery, man of strength,
I wanna feel you lose control,

Your body shakes,
You call my name,
as my muscles tighten
around your swollen cock,

I feel you explode deep inside,
bringing to orgasmic heights,
my body trembles,
from my lips a cry escapes,
You cum so hard,
I scream your name!

Man of mystery, Man of Strength,
Tiger wants you can't you see,
Please come out & play with me

MrSuperman9 50M  
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12/10/2005 11:29 am

A stolen moment. A dare to cross the "No Touching Zone".
A last minute plan to drive to a place where we can play. To be caught or to be seen is the catlyst that drives us. My secret identity cannot be revealed - but yet there I am.

We remove our superhero outfits and all alone in the backseat we become alive to each others needs.

Inside you was more than I could ever imagine.

You moan and tremble... squirm and shake as you explode over and over on me... I can feel it each time as waves of pleasure drive you over the edge. Release myself inside you I build to... pulsing I can only hold out sooo long before I go...

Over and over we go... more and more we want...

We run out of time and as I hold you tight and slide my hands over your soft skin I can feel our heat mixing together.

We know that this was but a small taste of things to cum and adventures to explore. The backseat was a first among other places on this planet we shall explore the brink of our sexual energies...

For now until I return only the memory of you is what drives me each day... Flying to and fro... knowing that we will intertwine again and this time you can ride the man of steel as long as you wish... feel my strength and unravel the mystery.....

lady_ttiger4ny 46F
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12/15/2005 10:27 pm


All you see is the passion i feel within,Yes i do write everything myself,whatever mood i may be in,& I try not to be too negative
It seems to come out in whatever i write
Thank you for your compliment it is appreciated,
And i hope you do come back again to see some more,
I will post when i have more time, seems time flys as we all have fun...

Gone but not for long,

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