In Need of Loving...  

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5/12/2006 1:56 am

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In Need of Loving...

Can you cum out & play with me tonight?
My body aches for you
your hands upon my silky smooth flesh
the feel of your masculine body on mine
when will the day come for us to meet
yet again i want you near
you tease me making me want you more
how much more can i take of this torture?
so much passion burning within me
as the night in your bedroom
you towered in the doorway
looking at me with those hazel eyes of yours
sparkling with so much desire, need to have me
you pressed your body against mine
i felt your growing desire below
you removed your shirt, it fell to the floor
your mouth crashed down on mine
i felt your tongue dart in my mouth
i sucked on it,then your lip
drawing you deeper, as your hands came up
your fingers fumbled on my buttons
quickly removing my blouse
your mouth came down on my breasts
taking one of my nipples in your mouth
your tongue darting around in circles
driving me over the edge
a heat burns within my loins
my panties become wet with need
you move me backwards toward your bed
my back of knees touches your water bed
omg i want you know, i take no more
fuck me now i want you so
i reach out to unbuckle,unbutton,unzip ur pants
omg i find you bare beneath them fully hard
rock-hard & ready to play...mmm
your hands reach for my pants
sliding them off in swift movement
i stand before you in a pink & black thong
i lay down on your water bed
sliding off my thong, i await your touch
legs spread wide for your entry
omg i want you now, please fuck me if you will
aching need within my loins
my pussy soaking wet you glide right in
so tight & wet around your cock
you thrust deeper faster so
omg i'm gonna cum
you fuck me harder faster more
our bodies slick with sweat
sliding together,thrusting hips
i thrust my hips up to yours
meeting each thrust with my own
oh god i hear you say you're about to cum
body shaking quaking pulling out
explode your load just above my pussy
you reach for a towel nearby
wiping me nice & clean, ready for more
you lay down on your back
i straddle you,then slide down
your still semi-rock-hard cock
taking you deeper, i move my hips
rocking up & down, back & forth
omg you feel so good so fucking hot
grinding my hips into yours
you lose control,begin to thrust upwards
meeting my hips every rock
lowering myself to claim your mouth
kissing teasing,probing deeper
omg you're about to cum
in swift movement you're on top
oh please i'm gonna cum
you feel so fucking good
out you cum, then push back in
driving me wild in orgasmic delight
cumming more than before
bodies shaking,collapsing on the bed
breath-taking for more air
til later on when we have more fun

til then my love...

"In Need of Loving.." by TT Tiger

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