A Lover's orgasmic delight and beyond...  

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5/23/2006 12:55 am

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A Lover's orgasmic delight and beyond...

"Care to join me?" I ask you as my black mini skirt slipped onto the floor behind me,
you could not see me, but I hear you following as i dropped my blouse next,then lacy panties & bra...
hearing the water I turned on in the shower just down your dark hall in the bathroom,seeing a hot mist coming from the open door to your bathroom,i hear you move closer & edging into the doorway,feeling your heart pounding rapidly in your chest as you look at my luxurious form through the glass of the shower door,
the water running down every curve of my body,I turn to see you standing there,leaning against the door frame, your massive muscular body with a growing buldge between your thighs...I ask, "Are you gonna join me or just stand there?" with a gleam of lust within my baby blues,i see you edging towards me,removing your shirt, trousers, boxers in one swift movement, coming closer, opening & stepping in behind me, your hands reached for me, as i turn around with soap in my hands, smoothing out soapy suds over your smooth muscled chest,up & over your broad shoulders, circling around & down your back, cupping your well-toned ass, standing so close that my breasts touched you,feeling the heat growing between your thighs, bringing you rock-hard, my hands move around,encircling your swollen cock,your breathe-in-takes as my fingers move around in circular motions sliding the suds of soap up and down your shaft, down around your balls, feeling almost ready to burst when I abruptly bent down lathering each of your legs then back up slowing as my face passes your swollen cock in need
then placing the soap in your hands,wiggling my ass as i turn around,I say to you, "Do me now..", your mind lost in that one demand of mines,as you try hard not to ruin the moment by dropping the soap,your hands move up towards my shoulders sliding the sudsy soap down my back,twisting me around to face you, i see the blazing fire within your eyes,moving your soapy hands down & around my breasts,my curvateous body succumbs to your every touch,touching & teasing my nipples,then sliding down each arm then back over my breasts,& around to my back, cupping my ass,pulling me closer,you hear my in-take of breath as you smooth the suds around & down my stomach edging towards my sweet spot below, you take extra time teasingly sliding your soapy hands down my budding clit, stroking back in forth across my now swollen pussy, making me slide into you as a moan escapes my lips, at that moment you couldn't take no more, your mouth crashing down on mine claiming all of my senses as your tongue darts in my mouth,I respond with mines,pulling you closer,your rock-hard cock sliding between my legs,turning abruptly so my smooth wet ass is facing you, lifting one leg upon the side of the tub for your entry,your swollen cock penetrates through my firey depths,feeling my soft wet tightness around your cock,you thrust deeper slowly at first, then faster and harder as i brace my hands on the wall to meet your ever-thrusting hard cock plunging deeper,
driving you mad as my body moves with you, ramming my ass back, my soft wet pussy swallows you whole, tightening my muscles around rock-hard cock you feel ready to burst,leaning forward calling out to you, "Baby, Cum for me, please"...you're not able to wait any longer as my pussy juices squirt all over your cock, you pull out spraying your hot load of juice over my round ass, washing your juice away to slide back in my firey depths bringing me higher to orgasmic delight and beyond...

lady_ttiger4ny 46F
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5/23/2006 11:19 pm

Just had to update this erotic fantasy, didn't feel quite right til now, let me know what all you think about the changes made if you read part of it before now...


twentysomethang 35M

5/24/2006 9:04 pm

Damn, what a lucky guy.... sounds like fun!

lady_ttiger4ny 46F
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5/24/2006 11:33 pm

Yes he is...lol...he is indeed...wink*

doesthisreallywo 52M
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5/30/2006 1:49 am

What I wouldn't give... to walk into that situation!!!!!

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