On the prowl  

lady_on_fire 46F
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8/4/2005 1:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

On the prowl

Last night, i went out and was amazed at the way people act. I mean, im not very sheltered, but come on. The way that the meat market is out there anymore, its ridiculous.I watched this one guy at the bar, i swear he went from one woman to the next. Im not sure if he was getting shot down or what. But it was humorous. As a woman, i tend to shoot for one person. I get my eye on one man, and then work from there. I just found it funny to watch him go from one to the next. ANd the longer the night went on, the further down the chain he went. From skinny blonde, very young women, to older, bigger, not as attractive women. Like he was just going to settle for whatever he could get that night.

Im glad he didnt' come to me, because i am one full figured woman that would have shot him down. Especially after watching him all night. I think he went home alone anyway. Poor guy. He was very sexy to look at,but he must have been doing something wrong.

I made eye contact with the person i wanted to talk to. We sat and chatted over drinks for a while and then i left. Alone. I was tired, and the evening had completely drained me.

The people i was with were all very drunk, as they usually are. I just didnt' feel the need to do that. See, it was ladies night, so i did have fun while i could.

But the whole reason for this is to get ideas from everyone out there. Im very new to this whole single thing again, and i want some pointers. From men and women.

When your out, what is you do to catch someones attention? And once you get that attention, how do you keep it?

one2beornot2be 39M
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8/5/2005 5:47 pm

Well... Usually when I go out... which is rarely anymore. I just sit back and wait. To me, If a woman wants your attention she will get it. A catching glance, flip of the hair, even engaging in conversation. Well, at the gym a few weeks ago I ran into this girl who I use to know when I lifeguarded. She gave me the glance and a couple of days later I had an oppertunity to talk. All the signal were good and she even implied going out for drinks afterwards. I asked her out for drinks and shot me down with the "seeing someone" line. I haven't talked with a girl in person since. I believe in a more spiritual force as opposed to sexual. And, I am taking some much needed time for myself. Tired of jumping from one relationship to the next intimate or whatever on an endless cycle. Well... then cums the sexual force. Reminds me of the Henry Rollins song "lier". Well. I see that you wrote Alone in a sentence by itself. I feel that your implying that you were depressed. Don't worrie about a thing. Dick is good but if the vib has batteries...

one2beornot2be 39M
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8/5/2005 5:48 pm

BTW... sorry for the dick post but its the only head I am going to show on here.

Masseur_0 42M

8/5/2005 7:34 pm

great question...I'mm gonna vitis this one again to see if someone has the answer, 'cause I'm looking for it too. But I can tell you, walking down the evolutionary bar stool chain and asking "sex?"..."Sex?"...Sex?"...is probably not the answer...

iwantthehardone 64M

8/7/2005 11:26 am

A nice smile and a clean look. Dress nicely and easy on the makeup. Good conversation is usually the glue that keeps thing together.

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