whispers of a long awaited return  

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9/30/2005 1:56 am

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whispers of a long awaited return

(star date log , yadda yadda yadda).

Today was long awaited in the past week. For the love of my life has returned! (insert best friend and all that fun roommate and ex junk here ).

I didn't quite think I would miss him while he was away, it has been so long without a substantial break from one another's company. But, I did. Terribly so.

Though I drudged through piles of shit today at work (Metaphorically speaking), and thought it would never end so that I could see that handsome face again. When I got home, thick with the stink of anger and annoyance which had carried over from work. It was almost as if he reached inside of me, caressing the strings of my heart and made it skip a beat.

He was a sight for sore eyes today, a long awaited return and now how happy I am. We have three days togeather, no work, just play and allowing ourselves to become recconcilliated.

Though he had warned me on the night prior, never would I have dreamed that I would get screwed that hard.. biting, pleasure, passion, EVERYTHING was simply glorious about it. almost as if I could feel magic playing across our skin in a dance of heated and chilled flames.

His lips were sweeter than I remembered, perhapse it was a longing..

I may have spurted out the wrong thing today, or maybe it was just what I had meant to say and could normally never muster up.

I had said that I need to find another man- one to be with, to care for me as well. (since we can't do it on our own *sigh* it just doesn't work.. Well, though he did say he missed me a lot- does that mean anything boys? if a man is out in las vegas for a week and calls one and one person a lone EVERY night of that vacation?) But, back on track, that I needed a man willing to share me with him.

Because a world without my Anam Cara is not worth living in...

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