So done.  

laceteddy_2001 33F
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2/21/2006 9:16 pm

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10/9/2006 11:50 pm

So done.

Hello blog readers,

So it seems that last post was the calm before the storm, I am done- that is all that needs to be said.

I am tired of not being cared about, about being the one who is ALWAYS wrong when in truth, the other person has failed to meet the expectations of friendship.

Is it truely too much to ask for someone who cares about me, for me? someone who wants to be with ME and not just worry about sex, or whatever else.

I might have been holding on to my ex (the daddy), but no longer. I am done at this moment, and tired of feeling like I am a burdon, a letch, and a "whore" when I haven't had sexual relations in quite some time, and ironically it was STILL with the daddy of this baby I am carrying.

We had fought this weekend, over quite a few things. Afterward, we have seemed to find somewhat of a common ground, however no. . Perhapse I was wrong, but I simply asked if it would be alright to give him head- ALL after him making teasing jokes.. but NO, I all but BEG for the opportunity to pleasure him- but its "innappropriate", tell me this... Why is it innappropriate when HE doesn't want sex, but when he is randy it is alright?

He asks me why sex is important, its not. However, some times its nice to feel that- but I am pregnant, I'm not going to just rush out into the arms of a perfect strainger and say "fuck" me , I think not, there is too much at risk with this little one. So, tell me this is it innappropriate to want to have sexual relations with the man who is SUPPOSE to be your best friend (not relationship) , whom you do care for (yes I still love him, however I do not want a relationship), who you KNOW won't bring home an std ??? Hmmm..

Perhapse its because the girls he has been bringing home (yes, bringing them to MY home) are much more attractive than me... Regaurdless if he says he is attracted to me or not.. I simply don't feel it, especially now that I am pregnant.

clitlicker3003 38M
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2/23/2006 10:39 pm

hey whats up sexy , im sorry i can feel where you come form and your frustration s i try to have sex with my roommate, ex what ever and i get rejected its on her terms only or if i get with someone and she wants me back which ever it suck all i can say is sorry and i will help you if i can , i know we just met but im a good friend if trusted..

rm_spinice 48M

2/23/2006 11:45 pm

You are just conflicted. You love sex and, for the most part, want to have it with someone who actually cares about you. If you are in a relationship that is one sided then I would suggest that you don't need that relationship. You really need to sit back and look at what you want out of life and relationships. What is it that you want to have, and what are you willing to put up with.

I may be a dumb guy, but it sound to me that you want to have more than just a simple roll in the hay. I also think that your ex sounds like his is not the kind of guy that wants a serious relationship with you. You were good until you got pregnant, and now he wants to distance himself from you. He isn't ready for the comitment that comes with a kid. And from my brief examination of your aren't ready either. Time to move on and get on with life.

You need to spend some time and set yourself emotionally. Right now you sound as if you are relying on others to validate your love and exsitance. You don't need to do that. You are afraid of being alone, and that is good and normal. You should not let it consume you.

Dump the bastard, and find what you are looking for. Before you find someone to fill your needs make sure you know what those needs are.

Just my opinion, and it is worth what you paid for it.

Good luck

dudeboyrdee 45M

2/24/2006 4:11 am

I understand what you mean I have heard the inappropriate comment enough times. I was married for almost 8 years and after it was over we lived in the same home for about two more months. We did not even sleep in the same room because it was as she said inappropriate. I saw nothing inappropriate about it we had not done the paperwork yet but the marriage was over but even a hug could not last more the a few seconds. Then I started dating again and last weekend she was here to see our son and slept in my bed, I however with it being a king size bed did not even lay near her. As awful as it is you should move on there is far more to life out there and many people who will give you the love you deserve.

zipanotti 50M  
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3/3/2006 8:27 pm

I hope in the last few weeks things have gone better for you. It's a tuff thing when your needs and desires conflict with your maternal instincts. I think in time you will find a balance that is workable for you.

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