Final Destination.....  

kyoteki 48M
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8/13/2006 11:19 pm
Final Destination.....

Well it's been a few weeks since I posted my last thoughts, so here I am again. It has been a trantric weekend. I came home Friday to discover that someone had broken into my home (probably teenagers). Didn't take much except some of my watches, cigars, coins and basketball cards, thus the thought on teenagers. Wasn't feeling to good on saturday, so decided to go for a drive, and almost got killed. A car drifted from the left lane, across the right, and then up onto the curb and bounced back into the lane. I had to swerve quickly, and barely missed a passing semi... Didn't have to change underwear, but damn. Finally, a friend of mine had her birthday this weekend, and while at the party, I walked in on her sister changing clothes. She didn't even blink twice, just kept changing. Holy shit! And she has such nice rounds tits, too. Well that's it for now... until later this week.


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