Love Hate Love (Women have it easy, there I said it)  

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3/4/2006 2:11 am

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Love Hate Love (Women have it easy, there I said it)

no, not the Alice in Chains song.

Like the past couple posts I've had, I'm frustrated and kinda pissed off, yet still somewhat hopeful. And right now it's hard to figure out what it is that I want, know how to get it, etc.

So to add to my grief and my frustration (because why not pile it all on at once?) I've been somewhat jealous and upset at women lately.

Face it...women have it easier in allow me to explain.

Talk about frustration.

My ex slept with me a month and a half ago and I still like her but whenever we talk, hang out, or do anything else, it's on her terms and her schedule. Yet she's digging other guys, etc., etc. So basically I feel like we fucked just because she hadn't gotten ass in a while...but last night, I got a little tipsy and messaged her (because she hadn't returned the message earlier) and she acted all pissed. Now I know she's gonna read into what I did and think that I'm whatever but since I wanted to cuddle last night, why can't it be a two-way street?

Now, on to the rest of my argument.

I've talked to some friends, men and women, who all agree that women have it easier in life. I'm in a pissy mood, so if these sound harsh, don't get offended, I love, care, admire and respect most all women. I'd be the last to ever disrespect a woman or see her as just a physical object, but I'm kinda frustrated. I'll explain more at the bottom if you're wondering about my viewpoints. But honestly, in the end, women have it easier...
Let me count the ways:

1. Women don't always have to make the first move.

2. Men generally pay (or at least it was expected up to about 10 years ago) when there's a date. This can easily be thrown at anyone who claims that there's a glass ceiling in the workplace for women. If we make a dollar more an hour, it's going right back to women, period.

3. Men generally buy women drinks. (#2 in point about glass ceiling)

4. Women are always given the benefit of the doubt. Tell me the last time a man was taken serious in a divorce or sexual assault or sexual harrassment case. Truth is it happens to men, too. I know several guys who've been touched on by women they didn't want in a sexual way, and it was too embarrassing for them to talk about it, let alone press charges.

5. Related to the above, men have breast cancer just as much as women, yet people are more sympathetic to women who have it. Not dogging on anyone who has had it or not, but honestly, breast cancer is always associated with women.

6. Related to the two above: Women can be emotional. Only in recent years was it ok for a man to be sensitive. And even then it's limited. Not saying I want to cry in public all the time, but it's not socially acceptable for a man to break down if a woman breaks his heart.

7. Again related to the glass ceiling, for years it was men who fought in wars and were drafted. I'm not trying to offend any woman in the armed forces, but it's the truth. Women might have stayed at home and not make any money byt the man was the one who took care of the women and then shipped off to war.

8. Related to the sexual assault stuff, the best way for a woman to ruin a man's life is to bring up or sexual assault charges. They could be entirely false, but try getting a job if your face was in the local paper on charges.

9. Poll your friends. How many of them are men that have slept with more people than the women? Maybe one or two, depending on who you know? Honestly, I'd be scared to ask a couple of my female friends how many people they've slept with. One of my partners isn't extremely attractive but is sweet, and she's fucked 20 men! My ex is a horny bitch...who knows how many men tapped that.

10. Related to the above. A woman could come home sober as shit from work. Put on some clothes and get dolled up a bit, and get hammered and fucked if she wanted to. Yes it is true. Go to any bar or club and someone will probably buy you drinks and someone will want to do you. They may not be extremely desireable, but if you wanted it to, it will happen.

11. It is acceptable for a woman to be proud of her gender. A man who is proud of his gender is seen as an egotistical ass. A woman who braces her feminity is truly understanding what it is to be a woman. This goes with the idea that it is tougher and tougher for a white man in this world. People are looking for minorities and women to fill holes in companies. I'm not crying but I've heard the argument that people will pass over a dozen white guys for a minority or a woman anymore.

12. On top of free drinks, free ass, women have several other perks...such as if you're at a bar, a woman will get a stronger drink, be served first and generally get in the door before a man. Don't tell me it's not true, we've done several tests at different places. Not to mention I know some women on this site who haven't paid anything and have tons of privledges, etc., whereas I've been on here for the same amount of time and have none.

13. This is more of a dumb society thing, but if a woman is completely tired of working in a cubicle, chances are she could be a stripper and make more money and have more fun and it's considered cool.

14. Women are constantly being protected and watched over. All of my guy friends are protective of their girl friends. If they're at a bar and a guy might be unwelcomed talking to their friend that is a girl and the man will intervene. Not always the case but it's true with me and my friends.

15. Chivalry is about dead, and it's women that are killing it.

16. Mainly because in most cases, it's women who call the shots anymore. Which in many cases are fine I guess.

That's about it for now. It's been a rant and I've been frustrated but I needed to get some of that off my chest.

Please understand, that my goal wasn't to piss anyone off or offend anyone. I care, love and respect all women...they are beautiful creatures that create life. I know that women have to buy make up and personal stuff that men don't have to worry about, and I know of women who have been sexually assaulted, and had breast cancer, and I'm not speaking lightly of that at all, but I think I explained myself with each section as to where i"m coming from.

And this wasn't an attack on feminism, I know that things have changed and the above reasons aren't always the case, such as a man buying women stuff.

Well I guess I've said all that I've got to say now. I'm sure I'll catch a lot of flak for least maybe I'll get some people to talk to on here.

MissKittyNip26 107F

3/5/2006 8:52 am

I am SO pissed off and offended!! How dare you talkin' about us women like that! LOL.. just kiddin'!! You're 100% right.. we do have it easier, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Especially related to #6.. bein' emotional. Blah.. it sucks bein' screwed over by a guy and not bein' able to get rid of emotional feelings! All the sickness, crying, etc. Bascially, it's easier for women at the onset of a relationship.. but it's harder for us to deal with during the relationship and especially afterwards.

kstate79 39M
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3/22/2006 7:49 am

hehe I hear ya.

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