Skinny-Mirrors redux? AKA shoe-shopping with Baby-Wabbitz!  

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1/23/2006 6:34 am

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Skinny-Mirrors redux? AKA shoe-shopping with Baby-Wabbitz!

Baby-Wabbitz and I were at the Mall yesterday afternoon.

BW: "Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to go to Bloomingdales shoe department and pick out some back flats, and pumps, for me to try on, while I go to Lancome in Lord & Taylor".

(Of course Bloomingdale's has a Lancome counter, but after being ignored for 3 mintes by the admittedly pre-occupied sales rep, Baby-Wabbits decided to seek greener pastures at L & T)

As much as I hate shoe shopping for myself, I really enjoy helping my wife. Selecting just the right shoe, the feeling of success finding something which LOOKS as good as Ferragamo, FITS like Ferragamo, but is under $300 (hopefully under $100), is one of the great challenges in life. I'd compare it to a 590 yard par 5 with left-to-right wind and a 3 wood carry over a pond to an island green. OK I also enjoy looking at all the hosed feet slipping in and out of various shoes and boots, my wifes, and ... the other hottays.

Yesterday we weren't so lucky. I feel for the poor bloke who sauntered up and offered "Can I help you with anything?". 12 boxes later ... BUPKIS! A pattern began to emerge. Being a computer programmer my life is all about patterns, and dull as may be, I'm quick to detect "patterns".

They are making women's shoes larger!

I don't think there is any doubt about it. These 8M's were ALL too large! And my Baby-Wabbitz has been fatterning up for the winter (as have , she's all of 109 pounds dripping-wet. So I don't think her feet have shrunk.

I've heard in the past year how the women's clothing manufacturers have been playing with the dress sizes to accomodate the average "enlargement" of Americans. Well I think the shoe manufacturers are now on board.

What's next -- the condom manufacturers????

Photo Credit: Baby-wabbits in her Mary-Jane's on the left, New Year's Eve, 2000.

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