Rainy Sunday afternoon in late January  

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1/29/2006 10:57 am

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Rainy Sunday afternoon in late January

I heard on the CBS Sunday Morning show today that January 23rd is considered the "peak" of SAD (Seasonally-Affected Disorder). Anyone care to comment? There is an actual formula, having to do with temperature, hours of daylight, amount of debt, and a few other factors, which points to 1/23 as the worst. I have a good friend who suffers from this, I must give her a call. Met her here on AdultFriendFinder in fact!!! A "Card-carrying 14" to those who know what that implies.

I find myself being drawn to that show more and more, and to Tim Russert, Georgie-Porgie, and Chris Matthews less and less. I'm tired of hearing these politicians make excuses and finger-point.

On CBS they interviewed Jimmy Carter, back home in Plains GA. I think he will go down in history as the greatest EX-President. His ART is selling for $250K! For charity of course but still, not bad. He does woodworking and cabinet making in his shop, and one of his armoires will be auctioned for charity next week. Googling ...

I'm finding this dreary January a drag.

Generally not nice enough to play golf, but not "winter" either. I LOVE trudging through the snow.

I did manage to hit 40 balls in Somerville on a 67 degree day last week. It felt good! Seems by the time it gets warm, it's getting dark!

Anybody here play Neshanic Valley? I'm wondering if they have temporary greens this time of year. Now that my tax season is behind me I'm ready for to hit the links on a moment's notice when it is sunny and warm.

Any classical music fans? Did you do anything special on Mozart's birthday, last Friday, Jan 27th?

One moment I very much enjoyed -- I had WQXR on, and from the letters of Leopold Mozart, W.A.'s father, they KNOW with certainty that he was born precisely at 8PM January 27th. At that moment Friday in Salzburg (2PM here) ALL 100+ churches in the city rang their bells at once. It was beautiful! I have 5.1 system here in my office, I set the sound field to "Large Hall", and I stood still, sipped my coffee, looking out the window over Somerset County, and treasured the moment.


Photo credit: Night view of Salzburg from dubs dot Salzburg dot info slash photogalerie. Thanks for sharing!

OMG ... as I click ADD, J.Schwartz just put on a recording from the 30's Fats Waller, playing, and singing, "Honeysuckle Rose". Pardon me while I cry tears of joy ... "Every honeybee, ..."

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