Who is to judge whats right and whats wrong  

krsandhu 54F
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7/26/2006 5:43 am

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12/18/2006 10:18 pm

Who is to judge whats right and whats wrong

Every time I get in to the chat room, I see people expressing their views and opinions on certain issues. There have been some who condemn me for what I do and many who have actually told me that they have more respect for me for being honest straightforward, unlike other women who deceive them into thinking that its free and later ask for money.

I ask, who is to judge whats right and wrong. Who says that charging people for my time is wrong. Who says that makes such a woman cheap. I think its only the men who want it all free. The way I look at at it. We all make decisions in our life based on our individual experiences. Whats good and right for us may not be good and right for someone else.

While some may say a woman who charges a man for her time is cheap. I say that a woman who gives it to a man free is cheap and no value. At least a woman who charges has a value and is not desperate. I can say that only a desperate women would give it to a man for free. So its all a matter of how we look at it.

No one should think that what they feel is right and others are wrong. WE should all respect each other and the way they choose to live their life. Going back to who is to judge whats right and whats wrong. then I would say that everyone here is this site is wrong and doing bad things. I would say that

1. Married men should not be looking for flings and the same with married women.

2. Singles should not be having sex until they are married.

3. Anal sex, BDSM and all the other weird fetishes and fantasies some members have are all wrong as it is against nature.

4. Group sex is wrong so is 3some as sex is to be enjoyed only with one person, the one u are spending the rest of your life with.

5. having erotic chat, phone sex is all wrong

Don't get me wrong. Im just making a point here. Personally I respect everyones way of living their life and feel that no one has a right to condemn or comment as we are all doing things which are unacceptable in general and just because we enjoy doing it, that makes it right. Im just trying to give examples of what is considered wrong in general. So everyone in this site is wrong because most are just looking for sex. anyone here who condemns a woman for expecting financial benefits in return for her time should look at themselves first.

What difference does it make between a woman who fucks 50 men for free and a woman who fucks 50 men and charge them for it. They have both fucked 50 men. Why is it men condemn or look down on women who charge but have no objections to being with a woman who sleeps with a different man every day.

We make decisions on whats right or whats wrong based on what we like to do. Just because its something that we enjoy its allright but if its something that does not benefit us, its not right. Aren't we all guilty of being bias. Why should we judge people for the way they choose to live their life just because its not the way we live our life, after all no one is a saint. Everyone does things which may seem wrong to others.

My reason for writing this is with the hope that the men here will understand that in life, everything has a price, nothing is free in this world. Even if you get married, you have to pay a price which is you will have to give up your freedom to sleep with any other women and also to provide for your wife and family. So just because you provide financially for your wife, what does that make her. Although these days that does not hold true as many married men have illicit relationships which in my book is wrong. So again we go back to who is to judge.

Shameless_Biotch 50F

7/26/2006 6:55 am

OMG....I have been giving it away for free!!!!DAMMIT, you mean I coulda been making money???? LOL
I agree with you...what is OK for one, may not be permissable for another, based on past experiences...

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...
There was a girl at the bar who got caught by the police out in the parking lot one night, giving head to a guy for 20 dollars...she got arrested and has a sex offender title attached to her for the rest of her life now...she lost her kids to the state, had to spend time in jail...THAT'S WHY MOST PEOPLE JUDGE YOU HUN....IT'S ILLLEGAL IN MOST STATES TO TAKE MONRY FOR "YOUR TIME"...IT'S CALLED PROSTITUTION...that is the only objection I personally have about what you are doing...the laws have been made over the years to reflect our society's belief system about what is right and wrong...
But, isn't it silly in this "free society" that it's illegal to do things to/with your own body??Marijuana, oral sex between consenting/married adults and getting paid for sex are three cases in point...Who are you harming doing those things?!?!I think the Netherlands has the right idea

I have many fantasies about being paid for sex...in our society, when we value something, it usually has a high price, so if they value your "time", then let them pay!!It is how we as Americans show we find something worthwhile...

One time, I was low on gas and had left the house to meet this guy without bringing my ATM card....after our fun time, I was complaining to this man about it, worried I wouldn't be able to make it home...he got out his wallet and gave me $300!!!Now, I never said, "Hey pay me" or even, "hey I need a couple of bucks for gas" and I certainly never asked for $300!!!!He just, out of the goodness of his heart, felt compelled to give me money...after staring at the bills for a mintue, I asked him, "Are you sure? this is a lot of money, I don't need this much..."....he just smiled and said that's what friends are forWas that PROSTITution? I dunno...we called it "GAS money"!!!
I am married, and my hubby and I swing together, I get judged for that all the time...I liked to get spanked and tied up, I get a lot of flack about how "unnatural" that is...
Oh, well,
If it feels good, DO IT!!!
Just remember, it may be illegal in your state!!!

Great blog topic!
Your new Blog Friend

krsandhu 54F

7/26/2006 7:26 am

shameless, thanks for your comments on my blog. Actually I don't charge for sex, I charge for my time. Thats how I look at it. There are times, a man wants company for dinner, drinks, or just someone to talk to, it does not always include sex. Well even if one goes to a therapist, he has to pay for the therapist just to talk, right...
Also I am very selective as to who I go with. I may get paid for my time but that does not mean that anyone who is willing to pay will get my time. They still do have to meet a certain criteria. And at least with me, they know what to expect and what is expected. Believe me, many guys have told me they have more respect for women like me, than for women who fleece a man through devious means and lies.

By the way Im from Malaysia, lots of things here are illegal but everyone still does it. The way I look at it, Im somewhat like a therapist too... as many of these men do confide in me about their problems especially relationship problems and I have actually helped many of them deal with it by giving the other persons perspective. I don't judge anyone based on the way they live their lives. I have lots of friends who are married and swing, also bisexual/lesbians etc. I don't judge them but accept them the way they are and give then the same respect I give everyone else.

As you said, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

milady_de_winter 45F

7/27/2006 10:25 pm


Krsandhu- i have never judged you...you obviously have felt used before in the past- just put it down to experience and move on.

i too have encountered some of the things you have written about- suffice to say- you have my heart girl...nevertheless i look at things differently in life- i don't take $$ for sex because i can earn the money in my job..i am quite financially independent.

having said that i do have relationships where the men are extremely generous and nice- so i do get nice things- not because i asked or demanded but because they gave- and when they gave it was nice...

Being a divorcee my self - i can udnerstand how you would feel- but take things in perspective- if the man is a total wanker then just dump him....

i do have some FBs- but they have become friends- one is broke and i even pay for meals with him- but the sex is great and they are friends- i can call one anytime and he will listen to me...

Having said that i am very choosy- and i am fortunate to have met some really nice men in my life...

heres a tip- if you are looking for a generous man- this website aint the place- most men here will not pay for sex- its a swingers site for chrissake!

there are other websites that actually allow you to find the kind of men you want- but don't ask me coz i havent a clue

having said that if u need a friend - i am here- and feel free to stay in touch and perhaps one day we will meet and i will give you more tips


krsandhu 54F

7/27/2006 10:42 pm

milady, thanks for your comments. Well actually Im not here to look for men who will pay. But to be honest, I have had many people from here who contacted me for my services. However I do not accept all who contact even thought they are willing to pay for my time. I still pick and choose. I earlier joined here just to make new friends but subsequently changed my profile after much experience. I do have my profile on other sites where lots of people contact me and are willing to pay for my time. However I am also selective even though I get paid.

I have dumped all the men who were just using me and I find that now the men who pay for my time are much better quality and generous. Unlike the one who I was giving freebies to.

I do believe in learning from experiences and I ensure that I don't make the same mistakes.

Thanks for your comments and advice and yes it would be nice if we could meet up some day.

Take care

dewey4chat_153 107F

12/18/2006 9:35 pm

Sonia, it a little power voice here but nontheless...I agreed what you said.

Well, can speak this term when one start to judge us. Like if they called you a hooker for charging....then atleast...we are working for that titled...but wat are those high post and well to do career women who sleep with guys just to get their rank? What do we called them? See, there is no different in here...we are all doing the same. Both are hooker but in a differnt way. So, it not right to call anyone a hooker when you are one of them.

Sonia, watever name they may crown on you......atleast you are doing for sake of living. That shud proud of.

krsandhu 54F

12/18/2006 10:18 pm

Dewey...yeah, the singapore bitch who called me a hooker was herself a kept woman ie a mistress to a bankers son. I guess she thinks that if she insults others, people will not find out what she is. Of course the guy has dumped her now, but nevertheless, she is the last person who has any right to just others.

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