Some Men are Hypocrites  

krsandhu 54F
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9/5/2006 3:23 am

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10/8/2006 2:05 am

Some Men are Hypocrites

Lately there seem to be lots of fights in the chat room. Men bitching about women and women bitching about women and men. Some men accuse some women of being free loaders just because the women made them take her shopping and spend a bomb, or just because they took a woman out for a dinner and she ordered an expensive dish. Personally I have never had a man take me shopping or buy me anything with the exception of a few clients who brought me gifts despite me telling them that I do not expect anything and neither have I asked any men for anything as Ive always believed that when it comes to gifts it should come from the persons heart and because he wanted to buy me that gift. Neither have I been lucky enough to have a man tell take me to a shopping complex and tell me to buy whatever I want.

Yes I do charge men for my time, but it is strictly a business deal and he knows what to expect and what he gets in return. I have had clients who asked me if I would like them to bring anything for me and I have always told them that I do not expect anything as we have an agreement and as long as we both keep out end of the deal thats all I expect. However, I have had some really sweet clients who despite me saying that, they have brought me gifts which of course was very much appreciated.

Going back to the so called gold diggers who make men take them shopping and buy them expensive gifts, whats wrong with that. If a man wants sex he should give something in return. As mentioned in my previous blog, nothing in life is free. The problem with men on this site is that they feel its okay for men to look for free fucks but not ok for women to be free loaders or gold diggers as they put it.

I think such men deserve it as they actually believed that they could get a free fuck. Such men are hypocrites. Many of them are married and just looking for flings during their visit here, so basically they have nothing to offer a woman and yet they expect the woman to give them a free fuck. Silly men. They deserve what they get for being greedy and wanting it free.

Some men even have the gall to tell the woman they are in this hotel and this room number, to come over just for a fuck. Have these men got no shame at all. If they treat women as such then its only right for the women to make them spend on her. I don't blame or judge a women for making a man spend money on her and take her shopping after all shes only taking what is due to her in exchange for what she gives to him.

So if its ok for men to look for free fucks, then its pretty ok for women to be free loaders or gold diggers.

milady_de_winter 45F

10/4/2006 2:54 am

cool...i respect your honesty... i guess everyone on this website has an agenda...everyone wants, seeks or needs something...You go girl...!!!!

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