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started this blog in the hopes that we can meet some nice sexy folks to have adult fun my name is richard totten and my wife is tammy we are both disabeled and retired do to health resons we cannot have missionary sex due to bad backs so we use orle sex and aneal sex to compleat our needs for sex i am like most men { over sexed } i need it all the time she on other hand has to be in the mood somes times her mood pop up at times in publict places and i have to make her stop so we don't get us into troubel and that makes her mad at me for a few hours then she right at my side again we don't hold grugges or things in we all ways try to not go to bed mad at each other .we have good talking skills with each other we have been married for 19 years mostly all good years to but we have had our bad times too but it is testament to our love for each other that we are still together . we have two children a boy 18 { mildley retarded } and a girl 17 years old and her only problem is she thinks that she is 17 working trying to be 25 but she is a good kid

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Hey, welcome to blog land, I hope you like it here and enjoy yourselves. Come visit our blog too.

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