the fantasy  

kongviper 48M
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2/20/2006 12:54 pm

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the fantasy

The thoughts of my fantasies drive me. There are self-fulfilling and sexual....which one could say, they are the same thing! I don't necessarily agree. I my dreams and aspirations are different from my lustful desires, but on days like today, I could be convinced otherwise. I am looking, the hunt....I want you....I need you look for the same animal desire? The passion is full today, I only need a willing participant....I wonder if there are any out there....

WeBeNateNShell 53M/49F

2/21/2006 6:37 pm

We eat, breath, sleep, all proof to the world that we exist. This same world does not acknowledge the mundate exisitance of ordinary lifes. It is up to ourselves to valitate our own exisitance. It is up to ourselves to pursue our fantasies, giving ourselves the satisfactions and memories we shall need in the later part of our lives when such pursuits are no loonger possible.

The hunt, the challange, the mental hoops we jump through when interested in a new expereince are how we know WE are alive and not simple exisiting. How we know our lives are not mundane, that they are worth the trails and tribulations. The greater the passion, the greater the hunt. The pursuit of animal desire is a powerful, intoxicating, addicting one, not to be entered inot by the faint of heart.

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