Where to begin... flashing the tour bus in FL  

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6/13/2006 2:38 pm
Where to begin... flashing the tour bus in FL

This will be my first of many stories, all true, about my zany adventures around the country. All motived by my hormones, and crazyness.

I've got so many stories.... where to start? I suppose I'll recall this one...

A few years ago, I was on a business trip to Orlando, and made sure that I spent a few extra days over the weekend once done. It was may, and the weather was pleasant. I just love to drive around in my rented car... with no pants on, reading porn... stroaking the meat.

Now... I dont normally make it a habit to flash folks,.. as that is not cool. But I happened to be cruising around Coco beach this hot afternoon, and noticed lots of tour bus lines, taking tourists to and from the local cruise ship terminals. Thus I hatched up a crazy idea...

A few days earlier at a business convention... I was on one of those bus's going to a fun activity, visiting one of hte theme parks. I sat in the right side,looked out the window and noticed that it was very easy to see into the driver's side of cars. You could easily see the driver's lap area. That gave me the idea...that I used later.

So when my opportunity came up, I paced this tour bus... and saw several ladies looking out the window. The bus stopped at a long light and I pulled up alongside. It was a perfect arrangement. There I was buck naked, rod in hand, knowing that some gal was likely up there watching. It was only about a 30 second wait, but seemed longer.. The light turned green. The bus went straight,and I turned right.... looking up over my shoulder as I departed was a smile on the face of a midage looking woman... what a rush.

What can I say.. the little head makes the big one do crazy stuff...

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