Story of my first MFM at my first swingers party  

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6/14/2006 3:29 pm

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Story of my first MFM at my first swingers party

This was one of the best times of my life, and a story that I'll always remember. A few years ago while on a week long business trip to Orlando, I made it a plan to attend a swingers party. A few parties in FL let in single males. I had called thie home and made arrangements to visit on their wednesday nite party. That nite, I drove to near their home, where I was to call from a local payphone for directions. I was so scared. I must have drove around the area for 45 minutes trying to get up the nerve. I chickened out and returned to my hotel.

We'll they also had a party on Friday nite, so I called that day, got on the list as a single mail, and that evening drove to the payphone. This time I had the nerve and called and got directions where to go about a mile away. The home was on private secluded property, was nothing special a double wide mobile, but there were about a dozen cars parked. I felt better. Waiting outside the door was this totally hot nasy blond, wearning a hot skin tight black dress. She was waiting for her date.

I went inside, and the wife introduced herself, took my "donation" of $50, had me sign a waiver, and then asked to see my dick. lol. I've heard they do this to all guys, suppose its to scare away vice? I dunno. I got a tour, and inside the home was a couple of rooms with a dance floor, a pole, a DJ, and a few table to sit. Plus a few party rooms with mattresses.

Lots of fun couples, all ages, dancing dirty, lots of couples sitting and drinking. I became a wall fly, sipping my drink, and within 20 minutes a young lovely gal in her hearly 20's was standing near me. I threw the shyness of me out the window and introduced myself. I think her name was Carol, and she asked if I cared to chat with her hubby. We'll we chatted and drank a few, he was about 12 years older than her, and the liked the MFM thing. Carol and I had a dance, and she sensed the bulge in my pants, then went to the ladies room. I thanks the hubby, told him how lucky he was, and when she returned, they got down to business and asked if I wanted to party. Hell yea. They gave me the rules: no anal, no cumming in her mouth, fucking her with a condom only. I was cool. lol.

We found a private room with a locking door, and I proceeded to eat her fine pussy, while looking up at her nude body.. as hubby watched. Then aome 69 with her, then we were all nude. I was doggy styling her, as she sucked him off. I learned that night that there are many men that like to watch their wifes get fucked. We partied and all came for about an hour, then they had to run to relieve the baby sitter. She wished me good luck.

I began lurking, was getting horny again, and entere the group room. There I spied my front porch hot black dress gal, getting fucked by one guy and sucking her date. That was cool to watch. They did not mind, as about 6-8 folks watched. When the guys were done, she invited me to sit next to her and we chatted. She was ready fo more, and I put a condom on and had my turn as her date JO'd next to her. Anyways that was such a turn on getting to fuck and oral from her as about 6-8 folks watched. Such a turnon. I had found my kink in life.

When we were done, it was late, 2am, and I had to get to my hotel, pack, and catch an 8 am flight. Needless to say my mind was replaying that night since.

I've been lucky enough to vist a few such parties and have some MFM fun a half dozen times since. Such a blast, and such an honor to help a man with pleasing his woman.

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6/14/2006 3:51 pm

What a night, I'll have to blog my first MFM too!!!

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