Slippery Summer Breezes  

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3/10/2006 3:07 pm
Slippery Summer Breezes

It's a warm summer night in the country and I'm
sitting on my porch, drinking coffee with a beautiful woman...
both of us are wearing nothing but smiles. The temperature
is just hot enough for both of us to be covered in a light sheen
of sweat. Thunder swells and it starts lightly raining
upon us. We snuggle together under the rain for afew minutes
and start kissing, more passionately by the moment. We
decide to go inside and open a window to let in the nice cooling
breeze. As she opens the window, I come up behind her and
hold her moist slippery body against me, savoring her natural
female aroma brought out by the light sweat that is causing
us to slip and slide against each other. As the cool breeze
gently touches our bodies, I start nibbling on the back
of her neck, sliding my hands around to her dewey mound..
the other hand slides beneath her bosoms and starts a gentle
carress from her tummy up to her nipples and back. I move
my lips from her neck, up to her earlobe as she reaches back
to run her fingers through my hair... She slowly begins
to turn around and kiss me more passionately, as if she's
trying to become one with my lips. When she turns around,
I pull her closer, sliding my hands down to her supple bottom
and begind running my hand from there, slowly up to the base
of her neck and back again.

After afew minutes, I pull up legs up around me and carry
her off to the bed and lay her gently upon it. I slowly bring
her legs down and move to her toes, gently kissing and nibbling
them as she squirms in pleasure. I slowly intensify this
by gently sucking her toes into my mouth as if I'm fellating
each one of them. I then slowly star nibbling the bottoms
of her feet and work my way up to the back of her knees, pausing
to nibble more and run my tonuge in circles, savoring the
salt and sweetness. Ithen start trailing my way on up as
if I'm going for her sweet honeypot, but I intentionally
only graze her outer lips, making her sigh in anticipation.
I then move slowly up her tummy, worshipping every inch
that I pass with my tongue and lipps until I reach her areolas.
I slowly begin to tease her by gently running my tongue around
the outside edge of them, getting closer to the nipple with
each circle until I am finally able to suck her nipple into
my mouth and begin gently running the rough side of my tongue
against the very tips of them, sending jolts of passion
through her body with every lick. After several minutes,
I start kissing my way back down her stomach until I am to
the very tip of her sensitive clitoris. I wet my finger in
my mouth and slowly insert it into her dripping little box
and reach around until I feel the bump of her G-Spot. After
I locate it, I run my tongue up and down her folds, savoring
the sweet, juicy fruits of my labor... after I find her clitoris
withmy tongue, I gently suck just the tip of it between my
lips, curling the sides of my tongue around it in a "U"
shape, running my tongue back and forth, while I am curling
my finger against her G-Spot in a "CUM here"
fashion. She begins to writhe as I feel her orgasm build,
but just as I guage her as being close to the climax of it,
I slow my pace, making her anticipate the next wave. After
3 or 4 times of this, I finally grant her the explosion that
she's been building up to. As she explodes, I taste
her juices flowing forth onto my tongue as I savor every
last drop. I then do the same procedure over and over as we
see how many orgasms my beautiful lover is capable of. After
her 7th or so explosion, she becomes so sensitive that the
slightest touch causes her to levitate off the bed. As this
happens, she grabs the sides of my face and pleads "I
CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE" as she pulls me up and I
easliy enter her, feeling her juices coating my cock. I
slowly start running my cock in full strokes in and out,
teasing her with each entry... acting as if I'm going
to slam into her, but stopping after the first inch or so,
not letting her know which stroke is going to grant her the
fullness of a complete stroke again... suprising her when
she does feel the complete stroke. After several minutes
of this, I turn her body to align her G-spot with the curve
of my penis and re-enter her. After I enter her, I begin tweaking
her nipples and carressing her breasts, guageing how hard
or how soft she enjoys it at the moment as I begin to make full
strokes in and out of her again without the teasing, but
making sure that the head of my penis makes full contact
with her G-Spot until it she begins to gasp with each stroke.
I then turn her onto her knees and begin to carress her backside
and gently blow upon her winking little starfish as I watch
it tense up with every breath. I then begin to position myself
behind her and reach around to play with her clitoris more
as I enter her. I move my hands to her thighs and begin to quicken
the pace, taking longer strokes every time, listening
to her moan into the pillow beneath her. Going faster...
and harder... like wild animals, until we both build to
the same orgasm and explode together. After catching our
breath, we slide back down facing each other and I pull her
close, savoring the moment. Passionately kissing her
and sharing her sweet dew between our lips, as we look into
each other's eyes and thank each other for such a wonderful

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4/6/2006 7:33 am

I just love storms.

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