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11/17/2005 5:36 am

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my first blog

I moved here to Tempe about a year ago and I must admit the PHX county is pretty huge and growing. Over whelmed by all the beauty this city have to offer yet I am still single.

One complain I have about this site is, i see lots of sexy women showing off their goods, with some very interesting profiles. Yet most are reluctant to act upon their inhibitions, why is that ladies?

I am looking for a woman that can make me laugh. Someone that can support her self. I like women that play hard to get, but not to hard because I like a good challenge, plus you get to know more about a woman.

I am looking for a woman that can be herself around me and not try to impress me, wild in bed and some what tame outside. If you are interested email me and we can get to know each other. I have more pictures if you do. only give out if you do.

naughtylilgal4u 40F

11/17/2005 8:37 am

Nice pic, interesting philosophy, but you only get what you recieve, and most women are to selfish or prudish to give what they are getting...Hope you are smiling for you sure are good eye-candy honey

eefan5 58F

11/17/2005 1:31 pm

i feel the same way about the men here in Texas, all talk no action, now if i lived in Az,you would be the first one i emailed cause from what i can see the women out there must be blind, maybe i should plan a roadtrip before they wake up and see what a great guy they are missing, Cheers, donna

stace_001 37F

11/23/2005 8:58 pm

good luck over there

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