Just Something I tried to explain  

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5/24/2006 10:44 pm
Just Something I tried to explain

I am not a pro at this dating game, men and women interaction, crap. But I must say that if women start thinking a little bit like men this whole thing would be easier.

My advice or a way to look at things take, it how you wish.

For years men and women fall in love with each other, well at least what we perceive as the definition or idea of love. Lesson one perception is a bitch; if you know anything about that you will understand where I am coming from.

We as people perceive Love as being happy with that person, that person treating us right and you returning the same, that person makes your heart pound just being near him or her, that person is on your mind practically daily, ect ect ect. That is the perception of you just been comfortable, relaxed and open with that person.

Let me explain where I am coming from with this example: Guy meet Girl he is physically attractive too, Girl pleased at his appearance. (lust).. Guy talks to Girl, keep her attention with a very stimulated conversation about things that they both seem to be into, like and dislike. (Lust to Interest)

Guy takes girl out to dinner, movie, and drinks, whatever and covers it all; girl finds that as gentlemanly act. Guy and Girl interact with each other more and more, have fun doing the things they do together. (Interest to Comfortable)

Girl and Guy are now comfortable with each other find they can talk to each other about anything, relax around each other to say and do whatever. Sexual interaction comes in to play the act of (love) Ladies this is where it changes for you and most guys, (Comfortable to Love) All the fun you had with that person now floods your body with this emotion or perception of “I am in Love” with him or her.

This is not true we merely enjoy that person and how comfortable we are with him or her, the act of sex and the feeling during sex is a extension of how comfortable you are with your friend.

{Here is why the act of sex change most women and men, (emotions) most women and some men are emotionally driven and that sexually act is like a seal of those emotions, yes they may have been true in the 1800s but does not hold true in our time.

Sex today for most is nothing but an act to feeding the satisfaction of a hormone, and the feeling of the act. We all who have had or are having sex knows that it can be a good feeling whether you are in love with someone, or just out for a good lay, in this day and age most men and women would have sex with someone they are “physically attracted” too and can careless if they see the person again, to them it’s satisfying a feeling. Whatever feeling that maybe.}

Guy now may or may not act different after having sexual interaction either way something has changed between you two. Someone now wants to place a label on the fun you two are having in and out of the bed and begin to make changes in the way you two have always done things since you met.

This causes drama like the animals we are we all need space (me time) once that space is being taken over or invaded you get resistant, this leads to more issues eventually loosing something good. This is where hearts get broken and the cycle of anger and hate towards the opposite sex comes into play. Evidently this scenario happens more and more so, among the younger.

Evidently as we get older we don’t change what we are looking for but we change the way we thing about what we are looking for. No one what’s to be alone the rest of there life and no one should be. So as I have and most older have realize instead of labeling or putting something to the fun you have together, you just live for the moment enjoy the time, the things you do together, without the pressure, the issues and the drama that comes up with the famous words “I NEED SPACE” .

Every man and woman know once they here those words the relationship is done, but the question is does the fun have to be? Why can’t you continue to have fun and enjoy each other company?
My thinking is, if we understand that from the being that regardless of what happens we all need people around us that enhances our life, and if this is something we have done from the jump we will continue to do so with ease. We all know relationships are hard, that is such a crock of crap, we make them hard we impose things on each other that can’t be met. Any relations with another person should be easy and can be if you take it as grain of salt.

I guess what I am saying is don’t expect nothing more than what you got, the grass is greener on the other side but are you sure it’s better.

Love have no true definition to it nor can I say what love is or is not all I know is that if as a couple we both can keep each other entertained and the communication lines stay open happiness will come naturally.

This stems from a phone call last night with my ex-wife tearing her eyes out over some guy she perceived loved her. Grant some guys would blow there ex’s off and careless about them and what happen to them. This woman is the mother of my child and a very good friend, so yes my ears are burning and cell phone is on charge.

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