How it works for a standard male member  

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12/6/2005 4:55 pm

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How it works for a standard male member

Ladies if you’re wondering why you send a wink or why a male send a wink to you and you have not gotten a e-mail message from him. Here why us standard males get the short end of the stick. Standard male members are only allowed to do the following:
I have not used all the features so this is just a list of what i know i can do of a standard male member

Send 10 winks in a 24 hour period
Read e-mail sent to us
Respond to so many e-mails per day
View current member online (not profile of that member)
See a thumbnail of your photo
Read and post blogs
Read and post within groups
Chat in the live chat rooms

Here’s what I know I can’t do as a standard member:

Send an e-mail message
View complete profile
Request you join my network

I Total understand AdultFriendFinder marketing strategy the point is to have women and have men join but make the money off of the male members by the attractive women on the site. No marketing strategy can get any better.

So ladies if your wondering why guys send you winks and it doesn’t go any further, it’s not they we don’t want it to it’s we can unless we cough up the fees to. Me I have tried the paid member thing and it has not worked out at all. So why invest in you have no return. I am sure most of the REAL GUYS on here are just average Joe taken a different avenue to what they want and really can’t afford to pay the fees charged.

So I recommend to the ladies make the move you make a new friend and or a good playmate or you may not. The question is are you going to live your life thinking “what if I had”

That's my bit of knowledge today good luck and blessing be with all through out this holiday season.


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