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4/3/2006 1:45 am

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4/5/2006 12:33 am


Hello again, It's me. You know I am starting to think this site has about 99% fake profiles and people on it. I say that because I have been a member here for like over a Year. And Have sent many e mails, but all I have ever recieved in reply was an email saying " HI! Visit me at This website " . Which is another Pay site. I have not met 1 Lady from this site. Guess I am a dreamer looking for a dream that isnt here.
Isnt there any real ladies on here??

0069ilia 48M

4/4/2006 7:15 am

whats up bro am tony and i feel the same fucking thing i get e-mails saying hi my name is and where do you live i even gave my work no, an tons of e-mails out an still nothing. hang in there,dont take it 2 heart if nothing happens, i meet ladies just by going by out; ladies that walk there dogs or going 2 the store. just DON'T use this site as your maine hookup, use this as a last back up and,just be you; when talk 2 the ladies; some times i think am a dreamer2 i got maired an things just dont seem 2be going good 4 me but i just keep haning in, 1 lady friend said why did you get maired i said i don't know, i think i just dont what 2 be a lone, i can go on,an on about me, but i hope this helps.am always looking 4 friends; if you need talk or just shot-the shit e-mail me. out tony.

bbwhonnybun 50F

10/23/2007 12:24 pm

I do think that there are a lot of fakes out there. Like Tony said though, dont take it to heart. It hard to stay upbeat when you have stress, so try doing something to relax. When you stop trying so hard, you will find what you want in life.

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