The Finer Tastes in Life  

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The Finer Tastes in Life

Uuuuummmm, tastey….

All of us have a unique odor about us, thus all of us also has a unique taste. Although there is no current scientific evidence to prove any of the following claims that are believed to improve the taste of your semen, these point are nevertheless widely believed among semen lovers and squirters alike.

Believe it or not, many of the same things that affect our body odor are believed to affect the taste of semen, as well. For instance, alcohol and coffee are believed to give semen a bitter, pungent taste. Many would attest to this fact.
As well, cigarettes, garlic, onions, broccoli, and cauliflower are also believed to alter the taste of your love juice. Cigarettes need no explanation; you're inhaling fire and numerous toxic chemicals, so that’s easy to understand. However, because the aforementioned foods tend to have a distinct odor, it's believed that they will affect the way you taste.

If you're dehydrated, pig out on spicy foods or are taking medication, these factors will also contribute to an unattractive and uninviting flavor. So maybe you should take it easy on Mexican delights and start downing water like there's no tomorrow. It has been shown that large amounts of water do increase volume of ejaculate.


What To Eat/Drink---What To Avoid
Oranges---Brussels Sprouts
Green tea---Processed liquor
Mangoes---Dairy Products
Chamomile tea---Red meat

Cocktail, anyone?

There are recommended foods to make your little single-minded, wiggle-tales taste great as well. Again, this has not been scientifically proven, but hey, so long as these foods are not poisonous, what's the harm in trying, huh?

Before we get into the flavor, let's talk about output. A lot of guys would love it if they could make like one of the characters in Scary Movie and ejaculate so much that they plaster their girlfriends against the ceiling. And although that won't likely be happening anytime soon, it's believed that wheat germ increases seminal output, as does Lecithin and Amino Acid complex. And don’t forget–large amounts of water. Bon app├ętit!

Considering most guys are avid meat eaters, keep in mind that red meat apparently makes semen taste more acidic. Hhhmm, nothing like the taste of acid to end off a wonderful night of sexual fun. Not.

To sweeten up your inner, ammunition load, drink plenty of pineapple juice, and eat bananas and papaya. Their sweetness results in your own sweet bodily fluids! And of course, lest we forget that parsley can do wonders for men worldwide–it eliminates body odor, freshens breath and improves the taste of seminal fluid.

How about some 68?

Always keep in mind that everyone has a distinct taste, and even if you do all these things, she might still find the taste of your fluid repulsive. But if she's more than willing and able to sacrifice for the greater good, then have her down a mint before she makes her way down south.

The mint will serve to hinder the flavor of your semen and will simultaneously provide you with indescribable sensations. And to polish things off, you can reciprocate the favor by doing the same. Or you can leave it as a 68, and you'll owe her one.

Obviously, your semen will never taste like a chocolate milkshake, but trying your hand at sweetening it up a little will serve to enhance your love life and please your lover. Think about it… now every time you consume something new, you can urge her to try your new and improved juice. Consider it like doing field taste testing. Enjoy!

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11/28/2006 5:16 am

There is a way to ensure that your semen tastes good every time there is a media proven product - semenex the Powder Drink for Men that replaces the naturally distasteful taste of semen with the enhanced flavour women love. Cosmopolitan (Australia, May 2005), recommends as the "flavour-improving product for girls to enjoy with their man". see at

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1/4/2007 5:33 pm

Do you want is always to taste sweet?

Cleo, Australia's leading magazine for young women, answers a reader's question in its October 2004 issue (p. 62) on how to make oral sex more pleasurable by stating:

"There's also Semenex, a new product that he can drink to give his semen a more bearable flavour, check it out at"

The premier women's magazine, Cosmopolitan (Australia), features Semenex in their Sept. 2004 issue. In a special sealed section of this issue, the cover article "Oral-sex Lessons" provides women with important fellatio tips, Semenex among them as the key product to help sweeten their men.

SEX: A User's Guide, a truly seminal book on just about every aspect of sex and intimacy. On page 56 of this 336-page little book, the author, Stephen Arnott, praises the product as being the one semen sweetner that truly gets the job done!

So it can be a sweeter experience. If you would like to know more drop me a line.

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