a morning with my kids  

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5/11/2006 7:44 am
a morning with my kids

Well My kids are my post today....

My kids are still playing with the plastic eggs their candy came in on easter... candy is a big treat for them because they get it so rarely.
But the eggs you get them for easter come in two sizes... the normal egg size and larger eggs about twice the size of a normal egg. So they were playing with them this morning and my daughter comes to me and says.... "dad look!!, My boobs are huge!!! They are even bigger than your belly!!" now when I turned around I see her standing there with the larger plastic eggs under her shirt sticking out like torpedoes. All I could do was laugh.

My kids later in the morning asked me why we needed eyes... and after the normal talk about why we need them I decided to show them what I meant. So I grabbed a piece of cloth and a safe - T pin and put it on them as a blindfold. Then had them walk around the house. Now my daughter shocked me, she walked right out of the room, down the hall, made the turn and down the next hall (she figured out how to see under the blindfold). So I changed the position of the blindfold and watched her bump around the house. Then it was my sons turn and he was even funnier bouncing into everything... they then decided to try and eat their snack with the blindfold on. Now they still keep taking turns trying to walk with the blindfold.... They are all ready for that trust test they do in schools where one person is blindfolded and the other person leads them around.

As I am typing this my daughter comes in whining... she had to tell me her brother bit her, then she points to her butt and says right there sob, sob.... I wanted to tell my son that he isn't supposed to butt his sisters but, save that till he is in collage and has a girlfriend, she will appreciate it more.

Its amazing how different my kids are and how close they are to each other. My kids are almost complete opposites, even down to one righty, the other lefty... one rambunctious the other calm.

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