The morning wood  

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5/13/2006 9:43 am

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The morning wood

You ever have one of those mornings?

You know the ones.

You wake up in the morning... you have the normal morning woody.

Its one of the few mornings I dont have the kids.... soooo I can take the time to take care of the morning wood..... Now being single at the moment Its all up to me.... So I start thinking and touching.... and a great fantacy starts forming in my brain.... So now I have the physical stimulations, and the mental stimulations going...... The time goes by the pressures start to build.... i know I am getting close.... only a few more minutes now and it will all be over.... AND A KNOCK ON THE DOOR..... Oh shit what do I do... I'm laying her rock hard cock in hand, almost ready to blow... and someone is at the door.... most of the time I will ignore the door.... though just someone interupting me like that makes it so that I will basicaly have to start over.... Well this time I got dressed went and answered to door... it was a package being deliveres so I'm glad I did.... But never did get back to pulling my pud.... The mood was gone... So I sat down here and wrote out the story I was using.... Read it below..... maybe you can use it and actualy finnish.....

JaniSux 46F

5/13/2006 10:35 am

The mind is such a powerful thing... I was having a friend over, I hadn't seen him in ages, I was hot, horny, ready and fresh out of the shower and couldn't wait for him to cum over and cum on me. lol Well right before he arrives, a friend calls and tells me what my bitch-ass supervisor said about me and did that day since I had called out sick that morning.

Soo now my friend arrives, and I'm stressed and furious about work when originally all I wanted to do was get naked and wild with my friend.. so we talk and he calms me down and we eventually 'get busy' but like around the third time we fucked, that bitch at work and my stress and drama to follow the next day when I returned to work, still came back into my mind and distracted me from the hot sex at hand.

Now when I see that bitch, not only am I pissed because she's my sup but because she caused me to miss out on some orgasms that I could have had... so I'm twice as mad at her... lol

Obviously I was powerful mad for her to disrupt my imagination and piss me off like that, because I have a very vivid imagination. An example I lusted over a guy name Joe when I lost my virginity to a guy named Sam, the whole time Sam was eating and fucking me, I was imagining it was Joe. I almost called him Joe a time or two after that.. Yes this makes me a horny chick who just wanted to get rid of her virginity but it shows how strong & vivid my imagination can be at times.


*kneel sorry for the length of my comment.. and for the interruption when you were sooo close.. too bad that you didn't have someone come over and kneel before you, take that cock in hand and slip it into her mouth... to help you 'get there'

twirly_girl 48F

5/13/2006 4:21 pm

Don't get woodys.
I've taken care of quite a
few though.


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