The Wild Child  

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The Wild Child

At around 27 I felt the moving bug and sold everything I owned and got on a plane and moved to Reno Nevada. I moved into a weekly hotel near the bus station down town and worked as the night bar tender in the bar in the weekly hotel I lived. In reno you didn't need a bar tenders license to work in a bar if the bar made under a certain dollar amount so I was all set there. This bar was a small local bar that wasn't that busy when I started working there.
I had a pretty good group of locals (most lived in the weekly above the bar)and I would get a few people crossing the street to get a drink while they waited for a bus. When I started working there we did around $50 a night and $150 on week ends. When I left nine months later we were doing $250 a night and $500 on week ends. the crowd had doubled and they were good drinkers.
It was the kind of bar that anything could happen in, and usually did. We had girls striping on the fireplace hearth at least once a week. we had girls showing their tits pretty much every night... and not just to get drinks... but just because they wanted too. we had girls get drunk and slap guys for no reason... We really didn't have any fights... One or two started but we stopped them pretty quick.
The daytime bar tender (the bar was only closed from 2am till 10am) had broken up with his girlfriend but she still hung around the bar and partied with the crowd. Well she was there on one of my nights off and she asked me what I was up too. I didn't know but i knew i wanted to get out of that bar.... So she asked if she could join me and we would go find something to do. She was hot so you tell me what did I say?
Well where we lived (down town) in reno there isn't much to do when you don't have a car.... ssoooo we went bar hopping... after three or four VERY seedy bars (Some day I may tell you about those bars, It was pretty scary and wild time) she was hammered... It was like 4 in the morning, I had no idea where she lived so we went back to my place (the weekly hotel). Now I had a roommate there so we couldn't really go inside the room, but the building was built like a prison cell block... It was open in the center with the rooms around the outside facing in and then three levels high... so when you were in the middle you were like in big open yard area. We sat there and talked for like an hour and her buzz started to ease and I could tell she was feeling better.
She then leaned over to me and said softly... "You are so hot, You are making me wet." She then said I wish your roommate wasn't there so we could go in and climb into your bed together. For once my brain thought quick and correctly.... I led her to the back stairwell that nobody uses because it lead to the back of the parking garage and very few people staying in the hotel had a car.
we got near the bottom so that we couldn't be seen from the floor above and someone would have to open the door at the bottom to find us. She sat down on like the second step from the bottom and pushed me to the bottom of the stairs. I turned around and she made a lunge for my belt and zipper. She looks up at me as she is opening my pants and says "we may not be able to fuck, but at least I can suck your cock here."
She proceeded to suck my dick, It felt oh so good. we could hear people starting to get up and leave their rooms to head to work for the day. We were hoping that none would come our way... Especially the managers of the hotel, They were real assholes and would have kicked me out. She sucked till i filled her mouth with my cum and she swallowed every bit. she looked up at me and said, "MM that was good. Do you feel better now?" Of course I did and i thanked her for it. We decided she needed top head home and we went our separate ways. I saw her in th bar a few more times, but nothing special happened. Then she had a fight with the ex BF and was banned from the property.
I didn't see her for a few months, then she walked through the door (well actually kinda sneaked). she said she had been missing me and wanted to come buy and see how I was doing. Now knowing she would get arrested if she was caught on the property I snuck her into the back room so we could talk. the back room was a very small store room with only a curtain separating it from the bar. It was late and the bar was slow. Only my roommate and his best friend were there. I knew I could trust them to get their own drinks and actually pay for them, and they would actually serve someone that came in and get their money. They knew I was to valuable to loose as their bar tender.
Once we were in the back room she was all over me. Her hands and mouth went wild. her hands went right to my dick and started rubbing. She looked me in the eye and said "I've been missing this." with that she dropped down and started sucking my dick again. Wanting a little something more this time I stood her up and grabbed one of the condoms we kept in the back room just for this occasion. She undid her pants and pulled them down to her knees. She turned her back to me and grabbed the boxes stacked in front of her. She then said "put it in my ass, I need to be fucked in the ass real hard." Who was i to argue. i grabbed those hips and went to town... the harder I fucked her the more she got into it... I think she actually came while I was fucking her ass.
When i was done we got cleaned up and dressed again. We left the back room with my buddies sneering at us. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "well I had better get out of here before someone sees me and calls the cops." with that she left and I never saw her again. I moved shortly after that so i don't know if she ever came back for another run. I will always remember her as the wild child because of the things that happened in those seedy bars... There were times I was actually fearful of my life because of her in those bars.

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wild! she was good to go eh? hope she is well sounds like she was a real pleaser and free spirit. reno is very different.

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