Sunset Embrace  

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4/23/2006 2:06 am

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Sunset Embrace

As I open my front door I look into her eyes and i see that she has had a rough day. I hug her tight and hold her close for a few minutes and I feel her weight fall into my arms, and a relaxing aura flow over her... she made it, all was fine now.
I led her through the house out the back onto the beach, where I had a blanket spread out for us. I sat her down and poured her a glass of champaign and we sat and watched the sunset unfold before us. I told her how beautiful she was and she started to protest "no I'm not, Ive had such a bad day..." but I put my finger to her lips and say "shh, No you truly are beautiful" as i look into those deep brown eyes. As the last rays of our private sunset sink below the waves I quickly move to light the numerous candles i had placed around us in the sand, so we had the perfect glow of light around us.
I ask her If she was hungry... I know she hasn't had time to eat all day. i bring out an assortment of cheeses, fruits, chocolates, and other delicate finger foods for us to share with each other. We slowly feed each other while we talk about our desires; past, present and future.
I lean over to tell her some precious secret for for her ears only, but as I get closer I place a tender kiss on her cheek. I then leave a trail of kisses down her cheek to her soft moist lips. I start soft and tender kisses, but quickly she wants more, she starts kissing harder and deeper, her tongue searches my mouth looking for its dance partner. I kiss my way back up her cheek until i am nibbling on her ear, then I whisper "I want to make love to you".. I hear her whisper back in a throaty passion filled "yes".
I lay her down and lean over her, I kiss her deeply one more time, then I kiss down her jaw to her neck, i nibble here a minute as she tips her head back for me to reach her favorite places. then i start unbuttoning her shirt. As I unbutton each button I kiss ever inch of newly exposed skin, letting my lips trail over her flesh. After her blouse is removed I focus on her bra, i can feel her body tightening in anticipation as I am about to release her breasts. I free her small but perky breasts from their confines, I see that her nipples are already tight with passion. I run my lips over her breast, stopping for just a moment to say "hello" to her nipples. After I have covered her entire chest with little soft kisses I move back to her nipples to give them the attention they crave and so deserve. I bring my mouth to her nipple, i take it into my mouth and suck on it, she lets out a low moan and arches her back to me. Then i take it between my teeth and expertly nibble on it, bringing little gasps of delight to her throat, i hear "yes, yes" as I alternate between sucking and nibbling, then i proceed over to her other nipple and give it the attention it desires.
As i am chewing and sucking on her nipples I slide my hand down and unbutton her pants, I slide my hand inside and start teasing around her panties and thighs. she Finally cant stand anymore and starts to reach to remover her pants, but i stop her, I tell her its my job to take care of her tonight, her only job is to lay back and enjoy. so i slide her pants and panties off, ( i took her panties at this time because I could tell she couldn't handle much more teasing). After removing her pants and panties, she lay before me beautiful and nude. I then resumed my sucking attack on her nipples, but she wanted more and she started pushing my head to go lower. so i started kissing my way down her tight stomach and down to her little hips, and below... i stop for a minute at her belly button to give it a little lick, but she keeps pushing.
I Finlay reach the place she was guiding my head, One of my favorite places in the world to visit, between my sweetheart thighs. i notice right away that she had freshly waxed this morning (what luck), it wouldn't have mattered to me, but her skin is so soft and silky after she waxes, i love it. I can tell she is in no mood for any more teasing, she now has to hand fulls of my hair and is pulling my mouth to her clit. I let my tongue out and give her clit a nice hard lick and a big moan flows from her throat as an "oh yes" and her hips come up to meet my next assault. I start sucking and licking her sweet pussy, running my tongue up and down, and accrossed her clit, her body keeps arching her hips up to my mouth, as her hands keep pulling my head into her. i feel her orgasm coming, I look up at her and i see her mouth open in a silent moan, her eyes open but unseeing as the first waves of orgasm come over her. her body shakes convulsively, her hips buck wildly, she holds her breath in spurts gasping in between and she cums on my mouth, i lick wildly trying to keep my tongue on her clit. i like until her body starts to relax and her breathing starts to come back to normal, she looks down at me with my face buried between her legs and says "wow" breathlessly. But I am not done with her, i keep licking and sucking on her, and i add in sliding my tongue between her swollen lips, again she gasps, and again her hips start moving, she smiles at me and lays her head back. After a few minutes of this tongue lashing again her body starts grinding her pussy onto my mouth and her breathing becomes erratic, until she crescendos in another orgasm. this time i grab her butt with both hands to keep my mouth on her clit and i keep licking and sucking as she again cums on my face. As i lick her she starts coming again, as soon as one orgasm finishes another begins. After her fourth orgasm on my tongue she takes both hands and grabs my hair and says... "enough, I cant take any more" and she starts pulling me on top of her.
i kneel between her shapely thighs, i place my rock hard cock against her clit, i see a look of anticipation in her eyes as she looks from me to my cock, The grin on her face tells me how much she loves it when i fuck her. i rub my cock up and down her swollen pussy lips, looking at how wet she is, glistening in the candle light. i slide the head of my cock into her waiting pussy, she moans with delight and reaches out for me to pull me deeper inside her... she whispers "I want it all inside me" and I can only oblige. I slide it deep inside her, marveling how her sweet little pussy can swallow all of my cock. I then lean down and give her a passionate kiss, my tongue searching out hers, she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me on top of her, our hips grinding slowly together. I fuck her slowly, pulling it out till just the head is still inside, then thrusting deep inside her stretching her to her limits, her hips move to meet my every thrust, our tongues entwined in a lovers embrace.
I fuck her like that till I can tell she cant stand it any more... She doesn't want to be made love to any more... she wants to be fucked. I lift up onto my arms so that I can really start thrusting deep inside her, she roles her eyes back and opens her mouth and lets out another deep moan, and anticipates my every thrust. As her body tenses I lean over and start sucking and nibbling on her neck, and this sends her over the edge, her hips thrusting into mine, her arms locked in a tight embrace around my neck. In between gasps for air she says " yes, don't stop, fuck me, harder" so i slam my cock harder and deeper inside her wanting pussy, as orgasm after orgasm wash over her. i Finally cant hold back any longer and i release my cum deep inside her, She says "yes baby, cum inside me, i can feel your hot cum filling me"... we lay like that for what seemed like hours.. two spent lovers entwined into one.

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yes i would say she is one lucky lady. . .very nice. . .good morning

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