Pulled Over Again!  

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Pulled Over Again!

She was driving home late at night. She lived out in the country so she hadn't seen another car for about fifteen minutes. Then she noticed those al;l to familiar flashing lights in her mirror. All the usual thoughts went through her brain... Was I speeding?... I hope the cop is cute this time... How am I going to explain this one?
She pulled to the side of the road. She waited for the officer to walk to her window. As she watched him walk up to her car in her mirror she noticed something familiar. She smiled at him as he asked her to role down her window. She asked if something was wrong, while batting her eyes.
After checking her ID he asked her to exit the car and move to the passenger side. She did as he ordered with a giggle. He asked her her name and age to verify it with her ID. She quickly said her name and said her age was 17 (even though her ID clearly showed she was 32. He then orders her to kneel down and place her hands on her head interlacing her fingers. She quickly complies.
She kneels in front of him and places her hands as ordered. The officer then informs her that she has been reported as a drug mule caring several balloons of heroin in or on her person. She then looked from the officers crotch to his face licking her lips and asked if there was anything she could do to get him to let her go. The officer places his hands on his hips letting her get a good look at swelling package. He tells her that she has two choices... She can either let him search her now or she can wait and he would take her to the station and she would be searched in front of all the police officers there.
She smiles at him and tells him to do it right there. He tells her to get up and to place her hands on the car and spread her legs. She stands up and places her hands on the car. He moves in behind her and moves her hands farther foreword and kicks her feet farther apart. The officer starts running his hands over her arms and through her hair. He moves over her back. The whole time he has his crotch pressed up against her ass. She can feel his hard cock through her skirt and his pants. As he moves his hands down to go over her chest he comes to her bra and informs her that he will need to remove the bra to search properly. He unbuttons her shirt and reaches the front clip on her bra and unfastens it.
He checks the bra thoroughly and tosses it onto the hood of the car. His hands move back to the front of her and start moving down her chest again. Stopping at her nipples to "check" them. After spending allot of time making sure her tits were actually boobs and not drugs he moved his hands down over her flat tummy. He got to the waist of her skirt and moved to the zipper in the back. He slipped the zipper down and moved the skirt from her hips. Slowly revealing her little black thong. He kneel-ed down as he slid her skirt down over her shapely legs. She could feel his hot breath on her skin. His face was inches from her already wet pussy. He had her step out of her skirt. His hands moved up and down her silky legs searching and exploring every inch.
He moved his hands back up to her smooth butt and locked his fingers under her thong and started sliding it down. He could see her wetness start leaking out of her pussy as the material pulled from its folds. His fingers started to open and explore the folds of her outer lips. A moan escaped from her lips as his fingers moved over her clit. He stuck his finger deep inside her exploring her pussy. She moved her hips hack onto his finger. He stands up behind her again and informs her that he needs a bigger probe to really check her out to make sure she doesn't have any drugs hidden deep inside her.
She hears his zipper as he pulls it down. She smiles in response. She is hungry for a wild fuck. She feels the head of his cock against her wet pussy. He grabs her hips with both hands. He thrusts his cock deep inside her. A gasp flies from her mouth. She has never been fucked so violently. He is showing no compassion or regards for her. He is just satisfying his animal lusts. She feels the pain subside and the pleasure take over. Soon her hips are moving to match his ferocious thrusts. animal noises are escaping from her throat. She has never felt this way before. Her passions take over. Her body heaves. Her vision fades. She is consumed with the passion.
She cums violently. Her body collapses onto the hood of the car. Her hips still heaving up and down on his cock. Her body drained from the passion he released in her. As her body slowly recovers its strength he pulls her back up into the spread position. He removes his rock hard cock from her dripping pussy. He places the head up against her little bud. He tells her there is one more place he hasn't checked yet. She pleads with him not to. That nothing has gone up there in a very long time and that she wouldn't hide drugs up there.
He lets her know he has to check someplace else or he could get in trouble for not being thorough. She again pleads with him not to fuck her ass. He lets her off the hook and has her turn around and resume the kneeling position with her hands on her head.
She is now eye level with his big hard cock. She sees that her own juices are still dripping off of him. He moves his cock to right in front of her mouth. He informs her that he will need to check her throat instead. Her mouth quivers as she slowly parts her lips. She is nervous. She has never had a cock in her throat before. Did he really mean to stick it into her throat?
The head of his cock passed her lips. Her tongue involuntarily moved over it licking it. She tasted herself on his cock. She lost herself in the taste. He placed his hand on the back of her head. He started pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. He holds her head in place when she tries to pull back. He can see the fear in her eyes as his cock nears the back of her throat.
She has tried this a few times before and has gotten a little better at suppressing her gag reflex, but she has never been able to take a cock all the way down her throat. He forces his cock down past the back of her throat. She is trying hard not to gag on him. When he was fucking her she was loving how nice and big his cock was, stretching her. Now she was wishing he was smaller so that it would be easier to swallow.
She fought the tears, and the overwhelming gag sensation going on in her throat. She started to ease the feeling in her throat. She noticed a tickle on her nose. As she opened her eyes she could see her nose buried in the hair above his cock. She had swallowed the whole thing. She looked up into his eyes. She could see A looks of delight on his face. He started moving his hips. His cock started moving in and out of her throat. She quickly learned to time her breaths around his thrusts. He was fucking her mouth.
She could feel her pussy start to get wet again. The thought of him fucking her mouth was exciting her. She could actually feel his balls start to tighten up on her chin. His hips start thrusting harder. His breath is irregular. He grabs the back of her head and thrusts deep and holds it there. His hot semen shoots down her waiting throat straight into her stomach.
He pulls his cock from her mouth and zips his pants back up. He informs her that there snitch must have been wrong for she had no drugs hidden in or on her. He then tells her she is free to go. She stands up and gives him a kiss on the cheek and says "same time next week Honey?"

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6/8/2006 11:06 am

MMMM My kinda fantasy, I have this thing for men in uniform

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