I Still Can't Understand Why I Got Fired...:D  

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6/3/2006 7:35 am

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I Still Can't Understand Why I Got Fired...:D

Ok I got hired to be the fill in bartender in Reno. There was the bar manager who was also the daytime bartender, the night time bartender, the hotel managers, the general manager over the whole building, and me the bartender that did the days off of the other two bartenders.
The first time I ever met the general manager was after the bar manager quit and he can and talked to me and the other bartender to ask us to take over running the bar. In the next nine months I think I saw him once or twice more. He lived with his wife in the hills outside of town over an hour away. So he only came into town when he needed to. We ran the bar pretty good and the hotel managers did their job so he was happy and didn't need to watch over us.
One night he came into the bar with a nice looking woman af about 35 (he was in his late forties to mid fifties). They sat down at the bar and ordered drinks. Throughout the evening I found out that it wasn't his wife it was his EX wife and she had just left her boyfriend and he was letting her stay in the apartment he kept in the building.
So in between serving drinks to the other patrons I would go talk with them and they regaled me with their drunken escapades. He enjoyed telling me about her enjoyment in flashing after she has had a few drinks. He then encouraged me to ask her to show me her tits. So of course I asked... I am not one to turn down the chance to ogle nice tities. Well some of the guys at the other end of the bar just caught a glimpse of her pulling her shirt back on and made a comment about missing it. So I asked her is she would show the guys her boobies again since they missed it...She of course obliged.
Well 45 minutes later she had taken off her bra to make it easier for her to flash everyone. My boss took her upstairs to show her the apartment and about 45 minutes later he came back down and left quickly. She came back down to the bar and ordered another drink. We talked and i found out that he was letting her stay here hoping to get in her pants. And he left in a huff because she wouldn't give it up when he tried to get some from her in the room.
We talked for a bit and it was getting late so she said she wanted to go back up to her room. She then told me that she would leave her door open if I wanted to come up and see her after I closed up. I cleaned up the bar and grabbed some condoms from our stash behind the bar and headed up.
I found her laying naked on her bed playing with her dripping wet pussy. I just dropped to my knees between her thighs and started licking her wet pussy. She was moaning and thrashing about... It was great. She had three or four orgasms under my tongue and my cock was wanting to join the fun. So I donned the condom and climbed between her legs. She was soo wet my cock slid right in. Her eyes bulged as my cock stretched her. Her mouth opened and a long moan escaped.
We alternated between fucking and sucking. sometimes with her on top, sometimes with me on top. We were all over that bed.
Every night she would show up in my bar after work, have a few drinks, show everyone her tits, and head up to her room. The GM would show up every night and try to get in her pants. Every night he would get shot down. Every night I would head up to her room after work and rock till dawn.
After about two weeks of this he gave up trying every night. One night she was there she was wearing a blue dress that went to below her knees. My bar was L shaped and you went behind the bar on the short leg of the L. Most people sat neat the point of the L but the TV was way down at the top end of the L. So on nights that either football was on or wrestling was on the crowd would move down to the other end to watch the tv. Well she stayed on the short end and I stayed and talked to her except for when I went to the other end to get customers drinks.
I moved in behind her as she stood at the bar and rubbed my cock against her ass. After doing this a few times and getting her response I knew I could go farther. So I slide her skirt up enough so that I could slide my hand under it to play with her clit. I found her wearing only pantyhose with no panties. I played with her clit till her hips started moving with my fingers and her breathing changed. I saw that I needed to serve more drinks and went and took care of them. When I came back she was standing just as I left her... Arms folded on the bar, bent over a little at the waite, and legs spread with feet shoulder width apart.
I played with her pussy more even sliding my fingers into her wet and wanton pussy as much as her pantyhose would allow. I decided to tear her pantyhose so i could really have fun with her pussy. But she had on those iron pantyhose... You know the type you could tow a car with. So there was no tearing them or even getting a run in them to start working with. I needed to serve more drinks so I told her to either go to the bathroom and remove them, or go into the back room and remove them or I would have to take care of them and if I had to do it she would have to get punished.
I went and got everyone double what they ordered and took their money... i didn't want to be bothered for a bit. When I returned I found that she still had the pantyhose on (I knew this because I saw that she didn't move after I left to get the drinks). I took my place behind her again but this time I wasn't discrete about it. I flipped her dress up over her back so that her ass was exposed to all that might walk past that end of the bar. I then informed her that she had chosen to do it my way and I then gave her ass a nice slap.
She laughed at me over her shoulder and made a comment about now what are you going to do. Well what she didn't know was that I had grabbed the paring knife from behind the bar and put it in my back pocket. I retrieved the knife from my pocket. I then grabbed her pantyhose and pulled it away from her skin and cut from the top of her ass cheeks down to her dripping pussy.
she gasped as she felt her pantyhose spit apart. I stood back and admired her ass as the tight pantyhose pulled her cheeks apart. I then started rubbing her pussy and getting her juices all over her. She again made a comment about how she thought I was going to "punish" her. With that I unzipped my pants, applied my condom and started sliding my cock up her ass.
She squealed loud enough to make everyone at the other end of the bar look over at her. She worked hard to keep a straight face as they looked at her wondering why she had squealed. She gripped the edge of the bar and bit her lip as I worked my length into her. I worked in and out of her with her stifling her reactions to my thrusts. When I was ready to cum I pulled out of her ass, removed the condom and shot my load all over her bared ass.
She looked back at me and said something about next time I told her to do something or get punished she will think twice about not listening. I put my pecker away and went and washed my hands and went back to serving drinks. You should have seen the look on her face as I moved away leaving her standing there bare assed with cum all over her. She lowered her dress and went up to her room to clean up... She came down later and had a few drinks and asked if I was coming up to the room later... of course I was.
We had allot of fun for a few weeks until the GM found out about us and he fired me thinking I was the reason he wasn't getting any pussy from her. Of course she still didn't put out for him and shortly after she went back to her old boyfriend.

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6/3/2006 8:00 am

you are so wonderfully hot


6/3/2006 8:37 am

wicked and salurppp

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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10/5/2006 6:39 am

I would have loved to paly with her in pantyhose

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