Doing the Bartender  

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5/31/2006 4:13 pm

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Doing the Bartender

Ok back to Reno...

I was working in the bar and like I said its a small locals bar so I get a regular croud. I could close any time after 1 am if it was slow and I could stay open as late as I wanted if it was busy. Most nights I stayed open till 2 or 3 am. But monday nights I usualy had only one or two people in the bar after midnight. We were a party hard and fast croud and on nights with football they were toasted by the end of the game and drug themselves home as soon as the game was over.
Well one monday night I had two customers in the bar. The main one was a hot local girl and the other I dont remember (I know there was another person there becuase I kicked them out). This girl was a regular to my bar, but she usualy didnt stay the whole night, she usualy only stayed an hour or so then moved on to the next bar. But we had a good relationship and she liked chatting with me, so she made sure to stop in every day or every other day.
Well this night she was there pretty much all night. She was in a white blouse, jeans, and cowboy boots. She was a very cute petite blonde that grew up a little rich girl in Hawalli. She moved to the main land to follow a modeling carrer but found partying funner. She lived off of her allouance and partied every night.
At 1 am she told me good night that she was moving on to one of her families friends bar and to have a good night. With that I was tired so I kicked out the other person that was in the bar and I was going to close up (I had already done my clean up). The other person left but she stayed and said she wanted to finnish her drink. I moved to the other side of the bar and sat on one of the bar stools and had a drink. She asked if I could turn on the juke box so she could listen to some music while she finnished.
I let her program in 50 songs (it would just finnish playing them the next night when we turned it back on). She came back over and started dancing in front of me. She them complained about her boots and took them off. Now the bar is closed and locked and you cant realy see in unless you put your hands around your eyes and looked in the one window in the bar. She started rubbing her chest and ass up against me.
I took the hint and started running my hands over her body and unbuttoning her blouse. She took off her blouse and bra. She had cute little titties probably just an A cup with tight little nipples. She was only about 5'3" and with me sitting up on the bar stool it was perfect for her to bend a little and start sucking my cock. She loved looking up at me with those blue eyes. It was great looking at that beautiful face with that perfect mouth wrapped around my cock.
I made her take off her jeans and panties. I was stunned by her perfect little pussy. It was shaved clean. I picked her up and sat her on the bar. Her pussy was now right at mouth level for me to eat. She maoned and bucked under my tongue. She would wrap her legs around my head and squeeze to try and get me to stop when it was to much. I dont know how many orgasms she had on that bar. That was a sweet pussy.
I ate that pussy untill she couldnt take it any more and wanted to get fucked. I grabed one of our condom stash and got ready to fuck her. I bent her over the pool table and started fucking her from behind. She was nice and tight. She was maoning and telling me to fuck her. Her ass was moving up and down to meet my thrusts. She was in a constant orgasm. They never seemed to end.
We moved up on top of the pool table and she climbed on top of me. She rode my cock like a wild cowgirl. Her juices were flowing onto my hips. Twice she collaped on top of me in bliss. There really wasnt any kissing... It was more like raw animal passion.
In one corner of the bar was a nice fireplace with a stone hearth and two couches. We moved over to the couch. She sat on my lag atgain this time facing away from me. She took my dick into her ass. I got to play with her little butt and she bounced up and down on my dick. She was getting into it. She liked riding cock. I could tell she liked being in control and riding up and down on it.
She climbed off and sat beside me on the couch and sucked my cock again. I soon filled her mouth with a nice hot load of cum.
We both got cleaned up and got our close on again. She went over and finnished her drink. gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight. With that I let her out of the bar. I couldnt go home after that so i went accrossed the street to the Comstock casino and played nickel video pocker till about 10 am. I still remember that tight little body on mine.

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5/31/2006 6:34 pm

hmmm. . .nice night

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