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7/30/2006 6:30 pm

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Back To school

Well I am starting to get a little nervous....

My kids start school on the 8th. They will be going to first grade. I had to take them in last week to get "tested". They tested there ears and eyes (I don't know why THEY have to do it. hey could just have their doctor sign a sheet and put down the numbers since the doctor does it every six months or so.). The other thing they test is their knowledge... Now really they just test whether they recognize shapes and letters and numbers.... But really why... thats what they are there to learn.

Now I don't really think my son will have any problems in school other than sitting there long enough to make the teacher happy... He is hyper active and cant sit in a chair for more than ten seconds. But he is very smart and can sound out and comprehend most words up to six or seven letters on his own and has actually sat down and read books that are way over first grade lvl. And he writes clearer than I do.

But now my daughter is another story... She has resisted learning... (my kids have always been almost complete opposites). I am hoping that it is just ME teaching her... and she will feel better with someone else teaching her... I think it will be better over time... But I am still nervous about it.

The school sent out a paper on the things your child HAS to have on the first day of school... Ac crossed the top in BIG BOLD LETTERS they wrote.... YOU MUST BUY THESE BRANDS AND QUANTITIES .....On the list were the normal items... crayons, pencils, paper, notebooks, backpack and so on... But each one had a specific brand name on it.... And of course every item was the most expensive brand you could buy... Now this is a pilot school which means it isn't a normal public school... by taking your child to these types of schools you are agreeing to go above the normal education for your child, so when they send out a specific list of items your child must have, they MUST have it or your child's will be asked to leave the school and go to the regular public school... Well knowing this you don't really question having to buy all the junk they wanted... but you kinda ask yourself why one brand and model backpack over another... well while I was waiting for my kids to do their "testing" another parent confronted the staff of the school about the list.... Well they went to get the woman that made up the list... She then announced that we didn't need to get the brands on the list... those were just suggestions... (well then why did it say "you must buy..."). As long as we got the items and the quantity on the list it would be fine.

So now I have to wait till the 7th so I can walk around the school and meet their teacher... there was one teacher that I met while waiting for the testing and I really hope she isn't the kids teacher... She was a bitch.... In a way I kinda hope they will be in separate classes... But at the same time I don't.

twirly_girl 48F

8/13/2006 6:29 pm

Soo? How have things been?
Did you meet the teacher?


rm_kneel_be4me 50M
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8/13/2006 7:26 pm

Yup I met the teachers... they put them into different classes... My daughters teacher is a hotty.... lol... Both teachers seem nice. They love school and are excited about going every day... We will have to see how excited they are to go in a few months... It is running me ragged with all the stuff I have been having to do with the start of school.

My mother Just had her knee replacement surgery so I am having to drive her too and from work and the therepist office and take the kids to and from school... so I am driving almost constantly all day.

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