Asian School Girl part 2  

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5/11/2006 7:53 pm
Asian School Girl part 2

She did it again! This time she also got one of her friends in trouble too. They now sit in there seats waiting for the last student to leave so they can receive their punishment. I look from her to her friend, I see a look of indifference on her face, but her friend I can see is scared.
The last student finally leaves and I have them both approach my desk. As they stand on the other side of my desk I take a moment to look them over as they wait to hear their punishment.
My naughty girl is maybe 5 feet tall, thin, with long black hair parted in the middle. I can see her black bra through her white uniform shirt, and I now see that her nipples are erect and poking through her bra. Her short plaid skirt is just long enough to cover her tiny little butt. The those silky smooth legs flow down.
Her friend is a little taller maybe 5'5" Just as nice and thin. She is wearing the same uniform as her friend. She has her hair pulled back away from her face and flowing freely down her back. I can see the nervousness on her face... but I think I see a little anticipation as well.
Finlay I stand up and walk around to their side of the desk. I ask them if they know why they were here. They responded together that they were here because they had acted up during class and now they needed to be punished. I then asked them if they were read to be punished, They both shook their heads yes.
I had them bend over the desk and grab the far side of the desk. I them instructed them that they were not aloud to let go of the desk until I instructed them to. Once they were in their positions I stepped behind them and took in the site. These two perfect little butts posed high in the air for me. Their skirts riding up so that I now can see their white panties peeking out from beneath.
I flip their skirts up exposing those firm little cheeks. My new girl moves nervously before me. Then I slide there panties down to their knees. I again stand behind them and check out my view. These two perfect butts posed high in the air for me. I now can see those perfect thighs surrounding two of the smallest perfect pussies I have ever seen.
I position myself between these perfect young women. I then give my new girl a quick hard slap ac crossed her firm cheek. She lets out a small scream from surprise and pain.I them turn and give my little troublemaker a firm spank. She lets out a sigh of relief. I continue this pattern, back and forth from one firm ass to the other. One girl squealing and crying, the other enjoying. Finlay both butts are bright red, my hand is sore, and I can feel the heat coming off of them.
I move around back to the chair side of my desk. I look down at my two precious china dolls. One with passion on her face, the other with tears streaming down her face and fear in her eyes. Both girls look up at me not knowing what was to come next. I slowly unzipped my pants and removed them. I folded them and laid them on my chair. My little trouble maker licks her lips. I remove my underwear and my cock jumps out at the two girls. the eyes of my new bad girl get big as she sees my cock pointing at her. I see a new fear in her eyes. At the same time I see my troublemaker stretching, reaching for my cock.
I move my cock right in front of her wanting lips. she reaches out to place a kiss on the tip. Her tongue darts out to catch a drop of precum. I move closer so that her greedy mouth can once again stretch around the head of my cock. She sucks on my cock with a fury. I feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat and I feel her fighting back the desire to gag. I remove my cock from her mouth... I can see the disappointment in her eyes as my cock slides away.
I move in front of her friend and I watch as her lips quiver as my cock approaches. I place the tip of my cock at her lips and I feel them part slightly to let the tip in. As the tip of my cock pierces her lips I feel her tongue searching my cock. I start pushing my cock deeper into her mouth. I can feel her stretching her jaw to try and fit the head into her tiny mouth. I stop pushing before I touch the back of her throat, I don't want her to gag on it the first time she sucks cock. I let her relax a little with just the head of my cock stretching her mouth as wide as it will go. I am amazed that these little girls can fit such a big cock into their small mouths. I feel her tongue moving and licking the underside of my head, tracing the lines from side to tip to side again. I start moving it in and out of her mouth. Her mouth feels so warm and inviting.
After letting her suck my cock for a bit I cant resist the urge, I need to get fucked. But in this village the girls can be put to death if they are found to not be virgins on thier wedding day. So what am I to do?
I move around to the back side of my little trouble makers again. I look at these two perfect little butts and their sweet young pussies beneath. I cant resist a taste. I kneel down and lick my new bad girls pussy, She jumps in surprise and her legs tighten up. As I lick again I see her relax more. My tongue finds her clit and She start moaning and working her butt up and down with my tongue. After a few minutes I feel her body tense again. She has her first orgasm on my tongue.
I move to her friend and start licking her sweet bud. Now she was swollen and wet when i got there. The spanking and then the cock in her mouth had really turned her on. It didn't take long for her to cum for my tongue. Now it was my turn.
I placed the head of my cock up against my little troublemakers asshole. I didn't know if that tiny little hole could stretch open enough to handle my cock, but I was damned sure gonna try and fit it in. As soon as she realized where I was aiming her head snapped around to look at me. I could see panic in her eyes. Ah I finally got to her this time. But she was a good girl, she did what she had been told. She held firm to the desk.
I started pushing into that sweet ass. I didn't think I was going to get in at all. It wasn't opening at all to my pressure. The I felt her relax a bit and the tip slid in. She let out a little whimper and her head went face down onto the desk as she tried to let my giant cock into her ass. I pushed and relaxed. Pushed and relaxed. Slowly her asshole let my cock invade it.
I pulled my cock most of the way out and then thrust into her. Her head snapped back around at me again and I could see tears running down her soft cheeks. I worked until I didn't think her ass could handle any more. Then I started slowly fucking her little butt. She was so tight, and I could still feel the heat coming off of her red ass cheeks. It didn't take long till I was ready to cum.
I pulled it out of her ass and went around to the front of the desk. I placed the head of my cock into the mouth of the new trouble maker. I started cumming big spurts of jizz into her mouth. She wasn't ready for the force or volume of my seed flowing into her mouth. She choked and some of my cum seeped from her lips and ran down to her chin.
My original trouble maker leaned over and licked my cum from her lips and gave her a kiss to taste my cum in her mouth. After I recovered from emptying my balls I grabbed my clothes and got dressed again as there two perfect schoolgirls remained on my desk kissing and licking each others tongues. I let them stand up and pull their panties up. Letting them know that their punishment was now done.
They both thanked me for teaching them how to obey, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and carefully walked out of my classroom. I wonder what trouble they will get themselves into next week?

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