The Wrong of Spring  

klevermrspiff 58M
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4/15/2006 10:54 am
The Wrong of Spring

I admit I borrowed that title. I know, just a few weeks ago, I was writing poems about longing for spring. Yes, it's my favorite season. However, two weeks after it was cold enough to be winter, it's suddenly 90 degrees outside. Fantasies of making love in weather so temperate suddenly have to change gears to tropical sex. Except, there's no beach here in Missouri, despite town names like Osage Beach-- it isn't a real beach.

Meanwhile, my allergy has kicked in full force. Woke up with puffy red eyes, and my head feeling like I had a 15 pound dumbell stuck in each ear. Once I take the decongestants, any romance goes out the window, as English begins to sound like my second language.

However, it's spring. The weather will cool sometime, and will begin to act the part.

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