Radar Love vs. The Road Crews  

klevermrspiff 58M
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9/9/2006 12:23 pm
Radar Love vs. The Road Crews

This happened yesterday. I was on the interstate anxious to meet with my bedroom friend at my place. She's busy with work, school and two children. This was going to be the first time I saw her in a week. I don't have a cellphone right now, and told her I would be there by half past the hour, which should have been plenty of time.

I'm going at 75, only 2 miles from my exit, and then traffic stops. There's orange signs all over the place: road construction! No problem, I think, there's a bypass I could take. I get off at that exit, and other cars are pouring off there. I go five miles. Then, what do I see? another stupid orange sign: "Road work ahead." WTF? They're doing construction on the interstate and the alternate route similtaneously? Who in the DOT planned that?

Anyway, the traffic there was even more constipated than the traffic on the interstate. After 5 minutes of going 60 yards per hour, I bail. I U-turn, drive back to the interstate, and wait in traffic there.

I finally arrive 25 minutes late, and my sweetie is waiting for me. Fortunately, she said she just arrived too; she got stuck in construction traffic taking a completely different interstate to my place point! Amazing! It's not like I live in a large city either.

So, for the next two hours we lived rapturously ever after.

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