Original Poettry: The Thaw into Spring  

klevermrspiff 58M
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3/19/2006 1:49 pm

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Original Poettry: The Thaw into Spring

Winter retreats north,
Running from spring;
A shade being drawn
Finding lovers at play
In friendly temperate rooms
Unhidden behind the fishnet stockings
Of the window screen.

Where hardness meets hot moisture
That finally defeats it
Softens it to its will,
And where hardness
Takes moisture to its frictions
And churns golden honey
Consumed by the busy senses.

Pleasures created, enjoyed and shared
For all and every spring,
Till they overheat and boil over into summer,
Relax and cool into fall,
To enjoy a dreamful winter's sleep.

c 2006 by klevermrspiff

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