Been away a long time.  

klevermrspiff 58M
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7/6/2006 12:29 pm
Been away a long time.

Things got very harried there. I do believe it is all nice and stabilized now. I got rid of the roommates. They weren't pulling their weight, and they were disrupting as well. I'm sorry to say, when the second one moved out, she left with a "trophy case" of bottles-- her only accomplishment here, I'm afraid.

Sex with her would have been impossible, BTW. I was old enough to be her father's only brother. I told her when she moved in that she was attractive, but I had iron self-control, and that signals from her would have to be very clear before I made a pass at her.

Otherwise, the place turned into a free-fuck zone. I didn't really care if that happened. I was the 4th wheel at a few threesomes here.

However, it was a disruption having a couple of young partiers who didn't care for the stability I gave them, who brought their own instability with them. It provede to be too much. However, it was fun sometimes.

They weren't really "teenagers" but they did a good imitation of it. Whatever one says about "enabling," I've got the over-generosity out of my system. I won't do anything like this again.

Sex out of the Blue

For the first time in my life, I had a female friend show up telling me that she just wanted sex. I had known her since February. Ordinarily, my respect for a formalized marriage would over-ride this, but I have long known that her marriage is dead, and she is close to despising her husband. She's working to finish school before she files for divorce. I knew this for quite a while, so she just didn't spring that on me.

She had another affair going till last September, but the guy broke that off. She hadn't had sex since September, I hadn't had sex for a very long time. It seemed there was only one thing to do.

When we went from kissing and foreplay, and I went down on her, wow the orgasms just sprung out of her. I mean they were really built up waiting to spring.

She looked at my hard cock with a mixture of fascination and intimidation. She said it was big... and she was small. (Just to say, I never thought of myself as particularly large till last year when a woman pulled out Magnums. I'm a little larger than usual.) I told her I would go slow and gently, and I took out the astroglide.

Turned out to my delight, she could orgasm vaginally, intensely too. She had powerful muscles too. I had to fight just to stay in. I love to see women cum no matter how they do it. She was so orgasmic!

At the end, she said she would be back when she could slip away. I've begun to wonder if a hotel wouldn't be better. I don't like the jealous husband scenario, and this guy doesn't sound very level headed.

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