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9/12/2006 11:57 am

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Aggg! Oh no! Writers

Without thinking, I've already opened my blog page, and I have nothing to write about.

With the weather changing, I broke out my fall wardrobe (all 4 items of cloths) and was overjoyed to find that my jeans fit. I'm not a member of the 40/40 club yet. (40 years old and size 40 waist). At this rate, I more than likely won't be a member of the 50/50 club either.

Some reasons why growing old is a good thing:

-You'll get plenty of rest because you'll be able to do less.

-That hair on your ears might come into style someday (hey, if mohawks have a chance!)

-Losing your hair means fewer bad hair days.

-You could judge the weather by your achy joints.

-Your bifocals will immediately tell people you read, hence they will be awed by your wisdom.

-Your doctor will get a laugh as he reads your blood work.

-It will make your day every time that pain in your chest turns out to be heartburn.

-Your loss of memory means you'll forget your most embarrassing moments first.

-Because plastic surgeons need your support.

-You have a chance to prove that size, indeed, doesn't matter.

Believe me, I just winged it here. I've got to do some cleaning up today. I've to shower and shave and call a certain darling lady who once saved my life. (I can't even call a lady without showering and shaving first.) And I have to call my parents. That's a lot before work.

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