Adopted nephew.  

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4/13/2006 12:43 pm

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Adopted nephew.

An Unmatching, Extra Wheel

I've taken in a roommate of half my age. The roommate now has a girl friend. The girl friend has a girl friend, with benefits. I'm enjoying this, a little too much. The way I feel is an anomoly for guys, I think. I'm loving it. Even though all involve are much younger than me, and I'm the extra wheel everywhere. I appreciate when anyone finds pleasure for themselves no matter how they do it, as long as it is a healthy pleasure. That's the way I feel in general.

Moreover, in January, I lost my nephew. I had raised him as a baby and toddler. It was like losing a son for me. I feel the tears again as I write that. I don't know if I will ever recover from it.

So, in March, I brought my current roommate to my apartment. I didn't think of it as cathartic then. Really, I don't now, but it certainly looks like it. He had lost his father when he was a toddler, and lost his mother as a teenager. He had no family. He was 21, in the prime of his life, and he was struggling with nowhere to go.

He is, however, a very handsome guy and outgoing. Believe me, women his age would think of him as up there with Brad Pitt. He can attract women. Very soon, he had a girl friend. She is a sweet person, and having isolated myself for too long, I've given her an open invitation to live here, which she hasn't taken me up on, but she is here 85 percent of the time.

Of course, I'm isolated by a generation from them, but it helps with the rent, and it brings me out of the isolation where my grief was taking me.

However, maybe the sexual situation is bound to drive me crazy after a time, unless I meet more women and do something for myself. However, right now, it's a source of delight-- contrary to how normal male jealousies might try to push me.


I'm going to take a survey. Has anyone noticed that escorts advertise very openly on the internet? They now tour the country, stop in different cities where they've lined up clients for a day or two, and then move on.

Now, it might be illegal, but how many people here really think that it's wrong? Street solicitation is something else, but private arrangements, made discreetly? Forget everything you've ever assumed about this. Consensual sex for money: is that really objectionable? Between completely consenting, completely mature adults?

_wannaplaydirty_ 41F

4/15/2006 2:32 pm

Have you tried asking the girlfriend if she knows anyone who might like you?

Women always have friends they want to match-make and usually they're of quite varying ages. Good luck

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