As if  

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11/22/2005 3:01 pm

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3/31/2007 10:02 pm

As if

As if you are always there./As if you are always' t/here.(As if!), you are always there. Please darling, will you have a cup of tea? It will make you strong, dear. Put hair on your chest, dear. Make giant waves with your 3 wishes, dear. I wish you would use your 3 wishes, dear. I wish I had your tongue in my mouth, dear. I want to taste you. I wish I had a handful of you, dear. Hair entwined, knotted in fingers. Sticky from sugar, caterpillar. Sticky from other things, keep a secret will you? I'm on a raft in your river, will you keep a promise?

killerboobs69 44F

3/22/2007 2:37 am

What a lovely poem, written on my Birthday even....two years after we finally meet. HA!

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